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An American woman was treated for a cold while her brain fluid was leaking.


Source: New York Post

A resident of Nebraska went to the doctor with complaints of a cold, and listened to a lot of plausible explanations for this far from uncommon phenomenon: allergies, temperature drops and so on.

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Only years later, it turned out that Kendra Jackson had brain fluid flowing out, tells New York Post... Symptoms first appeared after a car accident in which she hit her head on the dashboard of a car in 2013. For several years, Kendra consulted various doctors about an endlessly dripping nose and headaches.

Like doctors, at first the woman thought that she had a cold, but after a while she realized that the symptoms did not decrease at all. She could not sleep, and, by her own admission, as a result of "this waterfall" felt like a zombie. Only in 2018, five years after the accident, Kendra visited the hospital Nebraska Health, where she was finally diagnosed with a cerebrospinal fluid leak.

It turned out that the woman had lost almost 200 ml of cerebral fluid during this time. Leaving everything as it is, she could soon get sick with meningitis and die. A few weeks ago, Jackson underwent brain surgery - doctors used her own adipose tissue to prevent fluid from leaking out. All this was done through the nostrils using special thin cameras and instruments - a common practice in such cases.

Kendra is recovering now. She refused napkins and shawls and finally began to sleep normally.

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