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American women - what they are: 10 types of women in the USA


Source: Jana Anders

Readers often ask me: “Do American women look like Russian women? And in general, what are they? And how do they differ from the Russians? - writes Jana Anders in the author's blog - To answer these questions, I decided to illustrate 10 types of American women that are often found in the United States.

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I will say right away: Russian women do not fit into this classification. I described only the types of American women who are quite common here (but not foreign women who came from other countries).

1) "Business lady" ("Business woman")

This is the type of women who are serious about their careers. They are distinguished by a brilliant business acumen, iron discipline, logical thinking. In communication, they are usually cool and emphatically polite. They take care of their weight, take care of themselves, their hair is usually neatly arranged or cut, many of them use cosmetics.

They dress up pretty boring: business suits (most often trouser), men's shirts, high heel shoes. The style of clothes is classic. Most often they can be seen in offices or on the street in the business center.

2) Woman "It'll do just that!"

A distinctive feature of women of this type is a careless and unkempt appearance, which could be conventionally called “Wash & go” (“Washed and gone”). These women can be thin and plump, young or not very, married or not, but they all have one thing in common - a complete disregard for their appearance. As if combing their hair, touching up their eyes, putting on a skirt with a blouse and shoes - this is hard, backbreaking work for them.

Often they can be seen in baseball caps and non-dimensional knee-length T-shirts, with the logo of their favorite football team, since there are many sports fans among them, and football for many of them is a religion.

Why these women do not care for themselves remains a mystery to me. Most likely, because they do not see any point in this and believe that they should be respected only for their brains, and not for their neat appearance. But looking at their elongated sweaters, flannel trousers and worn out shoes, you involuntarily doubt their mental abilities.

3) “Baby Doll” (Doll)

This type most often includes young unmarried girls. They look very attractive, dress pointedly feminine, wear skirts, dresses and shoes. They, as a rule, are either painted blondes or brunettes with light highlights (“highlights”). In the case of African-American women, dark straightened hair (using a special composition) or wigs (which are very popular among African-American women). Almost all of them have the same hairstyle: long straight hair on a straight or on a side parting.

Unfortunately, they do not remain “dolls” for long. As soon as the dolls get married, skirts and dresses are immediately changed to jeans and T-shirts, and shoes to sneakers. After childbirth, the figures, as a rule, blur, the hair no longer fits, cosmetics are no longer needed.

4) "Puritan"

Puritan women are fanatical religious women. Despite the fact that they are not nuns, their lifestyle is very ascetic. They look as if they do not allow themselves any pleasures in life and their only goal is to serve God. They are quite common - in public transport, in a shop, in a library, they can be easily recognized by their appearance: long loose gray hair, denim or canvas sundress up to the toes, shoes in the style of “Farewell to youth!”, Under the arm - the Bible. Eyes, lips and skin are usually the same color: none.

Once I got into conversation with one of the Puritan women. In conversation, she mentioned the name of God through the word. Less than a minute later, she asked me what church I was attending, although we were talking about literature.

If a Puritan is married, then, most likely, for the same religious fanatic as herself. An American acquaintance told me that he once met a Puritan woman of about thirty-five, but they did not have a close relationship, because she told him that “she can go to bed with a man only if they are united by the sacred bonds of marriage, consecrated by the church.”

5) "Donut woman" ("Donut woman")

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Unfortunately, this is the most common type in America. There are a lot of overweight women here: from plump pink-cheeked fatties to women of painfully frightening sizes. The fact is that many American women do not pay attention to the food culture, are not used to or do not consider it necessary to limit themselves, eat everything and a lot. Their motto is “I eat everything that I see!”.

The portion they eat in one sitting could be enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many suffer from diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. What distinguishes American fatties from Russians is that they do not experience an inferiority complex about this and feel quite confident. As a rule, cosmetics are not used. The style of clothing is “pajama” (that is, giant harem pants, shapeless sweatshirts and sneakers).

The bbws are usually lazy, they do not like sports or any other physical activity, their favorite activity is going to a restaurant. In their free time, they usually sit on the couch, eat chips and watch TV shows.

They can be seen everywhere: in the offices at the computers, and in the playgrounds watching the children, and in the grocery stores with trolleys loaded to the brim with food.

6) “Trophy woman” (“Woman is a trophy”)

This is the type of woman who carefully monitors herself and spends a lot of money on cosmeic, clothes, shoes, hair, massages, facials and other cosmetic procedures. She usually looks at all 100%: well-groomed skin, perfectly styled hair, trimmed figure, stylish expensive clothes.

She eats properly, regularly visits a hairdresser, beauty salon, fitness club, swimming pool and knows all about the latest fashion trends.

Since a trophy woman does not work and such a lifestyle is difficult for her to provide for herself, she is almost always married. The husband, as a rule, is older than her and quite rich. The trophy wife is a symbol of a man's status, something like a prize that he received for his achievements. You can usually see such women in expensive stores and beauty salons.

7) “Soccer Mom” (there is no exact translation, the closest is “Football Mom” or “Mother Hen”)

The term “soccer mom” in American English means a mother (working or not) who takes care of her children and takes care of them all the time. After school, she usually picks them up on a mini-van and takes them to football, basketball, swimming, ballet or other circles. At home, she feeds them a hot dinner and makes lessons with them. On weekends, they and the whole family ride a bike or swim in the pool.

Although these moms have quite a bit of time, there are many among them who manage to keep track of themselves and their children and look good at the same time. The form of clothing they most often have is sportswear, shoes are comfortable, and the figure is slim, because they have to move a lot.

8) "Health Nut" ("Naturopath" or "In a healthy body - a healthy mind!")

This category includes women naturopaths, fixated on a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. They play sports, buy organic and organic products in special stores, use only natural cosmetics.

Most often, they can be seen next to some fitness club, dressed in sports leggings and T-shirts, with a yoga mat under the arm.

Sometimes naturopaths are so obsessive about healthy nutrition that it is impossible to talk about anything other than the content of proteins and carbohydrates in various foods or the benefits of aromatic oils.

9) "Bazaar woman"

These women are not interested in art or literature. They do not read anything, have never been and do not engage in self-development. They do not differ in culture or education. They write with errors, they cannot connect two words, there is nothing to talk about with them. Often there are either unemployed or working in low-paid jobs. All they care about in life is money.

They are dressed brightly and brightly painted, they all behave noisily: they talk loudly (using a lot of profanity), gesticulately and chew something all the time.

Drink and smoke a lot, do not hesitate children. They have bad teeth and dull eyes.

They dream of getting married quickly and having children to sit on the neck of the state.

10) "Outdoorsy woman" ("Hiking and sports" woman or "Fisherman-athlete")

This is a special type of woman who is passionate about various sports and outdoor activities. Such women can go in for fishing, windsurfing, horse riding, climbing, mountaineering or skydiving. They often go hiking, sleep in tents, know how to skillfully kindle a fire, they know everything about mosquito and snake bites, they swim well and can professionally provide first aid. They are never boring with them, they have many friends, they can tell a bunch of exciting stories about their extraordinary adventures.

Their hair is most often collected in the tail, the skin is chapped and dried by the sun, the lips are cracked. But the eyes shine, on the face - a smile. They are happy because they are in love with life.

This is not all types of women that are found in America. These are the only ones that met on my life path. Every woman during her life can move from one type to another. Most often it happens.

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