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American women note: 10 things that make Russian mothers


Source: Romper

On the portal Romper there was a curious article in which are given 10 things in parenting Russian moms. According to the author, American moms should try some of this.

Author Dina Leigerman said that her family emigrated to the US 23 a year ago. Therefore, she grew up wanting to be a full-fledged American, while preserving her legacy. In college, she met a beautiful young man whom she had fallen madly in love with. They created a family.

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According to Dina, immigrants cannot fully integrate into American culture. It takes several generations. Therefore, each has its own values ​​and ethical standards. Americans often cannot understand another way of life. But, as the author writes, it would not hurt them to learn how children are raised in other cultures.

Top-10 things that are exclusively Russian parents.

They are confident in the benefits of fresh air for the newborn.

In Russia, every mother believes that you need to walk with the child on the street. It strengthens the immune system and health. Therefore, in winter they go out for a walk even with newborns, tightly wrapping babies. Especially useful sleep for children in the fresh air. Some mothers leave the children in a stroller on the balcony to sleep.

They feed their children tons of soup

Soups are the main dish of Russian cuisine. Soup is satisfying and healthy. It is believed that chicken noodle soup cures all diseases.

They are confident that their children appreciate family

Russians value family above all else. There is no such thing as "kindred rivalry." Brothers and sisters take care of each other.

They value education most

After the family, Russians value education. Many parents believe that it is necessary to interest a child with something from early childhood. Therefore, in school time, many have additional classes: music, sports or other areas.

They take their children to the theater and museums.

Russians believe that the love of art fully develops a person, therefore there are performances in the theater even for the youngest spectators.

They teach to respect their teachers.

Since education is highly valued, children and adolescents know that you need to respect your teacher / teacher / teacher and obey him without question. In case of disagreement, parents usually take the side of the teacher.

They do not believe in the children's menu

Children's menu is completely alien to most parents. Children eat the same thing as parents, from an early age. They don't know what chicken nuggets are or fried cheese.

They teach their kids responsibility and trust

Older brothers and sisters often take care of their younger brothers and sisters. Children in Russian families are taught to cook, clean, wash clothes before they are 10 years old. Because children are responsible for their actions, parents tend to trust them more. By all accounts, if a child does what he is told, he automatically earns the trust of his parents.

They do not believe in personal space

Russians have no such thing as “personal space”. While intimacy can occur, it also builds trust and helps the parents understand and control the child.

They are sure that grandparents play an important role.

Russians believe in a strong relationship with the older generation. Therefore, it is absolutely normal when children spend their weekends or holidays with their grandparents.

The author noted that there are many unnecessary things that Russian parents do. For example, they dress children too tightly in the summer or feed newborn beef meatballs. At the same time, most cultural values ​​make sense from the point of view of education, she is sure. Dina likes being part of a rich culture, and she hopes to pass on this love to her children and grandchildren.

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