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American woman claims healed cancer with hemp oil


Source: KFOR

Eight years ago, the world stopped for Rhonda Gossett. Mothers with many children were diagnosed with brain cancer of the 4 stage, which has already given bone metastases. She had almost no chances.

Photo: Facebook, the personal page of the heroine

The woman fought the disease with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. According to her husband Rhonda, she was very sick. "Chemistry did its job by killing cancer cells, but at the same time it always kills healthy cells," the man told a local news agency.

After several courses of treatment, remission came, but then the cancer returned - this time the metastases reached the brain. The doctors said that Rhonda would not be able to go through another "chemistry" due to the cancer affecting the brain. At that time, she completely relied on radiation and experimental drugs, which did not help.

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Then her family, who did not get tired of looking for ways to help his beloved wife and mother, discovered such a treatment as hemp oil with a high content of tetrahydrocannabinol.

“Within about three weeks after starting treatment, her scans returned with positive dynamics. The brain began to look better. All the liquid that accumulated there began to dissolve, ”said Darren Gossett.

Photo: KWTV-DT2 frame

At that time, Rhonda weighed just 92 pounds (41 kg) and completely lost her appetite because of the treatment.

Now she is confident that hemp oil was her salvation. She developed an appetite, and high levels of THC alleviated the symptoms of her illness. After her last surgery, oil has become part of her daily treatment for almost two years now. For this reason, a woman and her husband are voting for the legalization of medical marijuana.

“We are in favor of medical marijuana because we feel that it is a chance for people in desperate situations to try what could save their lives,” says Darren Gossett.

“This is to help relieve pain, relieve nausea, help them fall asleep, regain their appetite, help rest,” says Rhonda.

“This is a plant created by God and that's how we feel it,” the couple says.

According to Rhonda, for two years now she has not had any symptoms of cancer, for which she is grateful to "cannabis, God and the supporters of such treatment." She now uses low THC hemp oil every day.

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