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American woman who killed two children, Google was looking for a recipe for the perfect crime


Source: Salut star

A woman from Alaska accused of killing two of her younger children was reportedly searching the Internet for “how to commit the perfect murder” before their death.

23-year-old Stephanie Lafontein from Fairbanks was arrested and charged with one first-degree murder and two second-degree murders in connection with the death of her daughters in 2015 and 2017.

According to Anchorage Daily News, Lafontein 20 November 2017 of the year called 911 with a call to help her 13-month-old daughter, who stopped breathing. Police say the woman also called her husband's family. After that, relatives came to her home and began to do an indirect heart massage for the child. First, the baby was sent to one hospital, then transferred to another, but four days later he died.

Photo: Fairbanks Police Department

As an investigation into the death of children, employees of the Fairbanks Police Department found similarities between the circumstances of her daughters' deaths.

According to Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Lafontaine's first daughter died in September 2015 from respiratory arrest. At that time, the infant’s death was not considered murder, but the similarities between the deaths of two girls made the police look at the investigation differently.

As part of the case study, they checked the mother’s computer and found some coincidences.

An hour before calling 911, the woman asked Google for “how to kill”, “ways to kill a person without evidence”, “best ways to strangle”, “16 steps to kill someone and not get caught,” “suffocation”, “ forensics.

The autopsy results were inconclusive for Lafontaine’s first daughter, but matched death from asphyxiation. Her second daughter died due to lack of oxygen in the brain.

La Fontaine was arrested on Wednesday and is currently behind bars in the Fairbanks Correctional Center. The suspect has no other children.

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