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The American became the first pilot in the US without hands and controls the aircraft legs



Jessica Cox is the first US pilot without upper limbs to receive an official flight license.


36-year-old Jessica lives in Phoenix, Arizona, writes Due to a congenital anomaly, she completely lacks her upper limbs. As Jessica told in an interview with CNN, her mother had a completely normal pregnancy, and the ultrasound scans did not show any abnormalities in the fetus, so when she was born without both hands, it was a shock for everyone.

Although this is not confirmed, most likely in Cox Amelia is a rare pathology of embryonic development, the cause of which is unknown. Disturbance of the process of extremity formation occurs at a very early stage of embryo development, between 24 and 36 the day after conception. In most cases, the fetus dies before or shortly after birth.

Despite the absence of upper limbs, Jessica was very active from early childhood and preferred to use her legs instead of hands. She took tap dance lessons, was a Girl Scout, learned to play with her feet on a piano, drive a car, became a certified scuba diver, and got a black belt in taekwondo.


In 2005, Cox received a degree in psychology from the University of Arizona, and decided to start studying for a pilot of a light single-engine aircraft. And before that she was very afraid of aircraft.

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“If something scares you, it’s important to face it,” Jessica explained. The process was incredibly difficult and lasted three years. “There were a lot of questions, a lot of anxiety, a lot of people who doubted that it was even possible,” says Cox.

In October 2008, she became a certified pilot. Jessica controls the aircraft, keeping one foot on the steering column and the other on the engine control lever. Cox hopes that her example will inspire other children, help them to make up their mind and face their fears.

“The way I live my life has an incredible impact on other people. I have role models, there are those to whom I am guided in life. And so I feel my responsibility towards the next generation, ”says Cox.

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