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American woman died after plastic surgery: the 'surgeon' took patients in the parking lot



The popular procedure, carried out in complete unsanitary conditions, cost the woman her life, writes

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In the American city of Fort Worth, Texas, police are investigating 55-year-old Pamela Burnley, who performed a fatal “ten-minute” filler procedure on a patient right in the parking lot of a restaurant.

"An autopsy showed that the cause of death was an injection of silicone," the report said.

The victim of beauty for a thousand dollars was 35-year-old Latora King. Immediately after the procedure, she did not complain about her health, but a few days later she sent her “doctor” a photo of her own buttocks, which were “grotesquely deformed”. Shortly thereafter, the woman was hospitalized and died from pulmonary embolism caused by silicone.

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As the sister of the deceased told reporters, she herself had previously undergone a similar procedure and everything ended well.

According to her, Burnley, now detained, was one of two “specialists” who were ready to help in such a delicate matter in this way. The second of them had previously been sentenced to 60 years for the death of a client. The clandestine plastic surgeon herself denies any involvement in the incident and says that she sold her purse to the deceased, not an injection.

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