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An American gave birth to twins at age 57: how mother and her 16-year-old children live and look today


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In 2004, 57-year-old American Aleta St. James became famous throughout the country as she became the oldest woman in US history to ever give birth to twins. 16 years have passed since then. How does this family live today? How does a 72-year-old woman manage to cope with maternal responsibilities without helpers and a husband? The author of the channel tells "Stories from all over the world" on Yandex.Zen.


Contrary to everything

Having children in their retirement age is a bold and risky step. However, there are more and more women in the world who are not afraid to become mothers even after 40, and even after 50.

American Aleta St. James put off motherhood for later all his life. In her youth, she studied at a theater school, performed on stage, worked in show business. Combining your favorite activity with your family would be very difficult.

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Having finished her career in show business, she decided to engage in healing and spiritual practices. Aleta did not even have time to look around, as she was already over 50. It was at that age that she suddenly decided to give birth at all costs.

Many friends, of course, dissuaded her from this step. After all, it is quite risky both for her health and for the health of the child. Someone pointed her to a respectable age and called her crazy. But the woman didn’t want to listen to anything. She never referred herself to any age group and generally felt younger than her years. It is worth recognizing that she looked and really just wonderful.

Long-awaited happiness

Aleta spent several years on becoming pregnant. In her case, only artificial insemination helped. Only at age 57 did a woman finally give birth to a long-awaited baby, and not just one, but two at once: a boy and a girl.


The family settled in New York. The woman coped with all maternal duties on her own, because she did not have a husband. Sometimes it was not easy.

After 16 years

16 years have passed since then. Today Aleta is 72 years old, her children have become teenagers, already quite adults and independent. In her years, a woman looks and feels great. She is full of strength to engage in children, work, and just lead a full life.

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Her children, Francesca and Gian, also look happy. In the photographs they are joyful and cheerful, hugging mom. It is seen that a mature woman approached motherhood in all seriousness.


Aleta is not going to retire. She continues to engage in spiritual practices, and many consider her a real guru. An American is engaged in the so-called theta-healing - this is such a healing technology, thanks to which you can work on your subconscious and recover from any illnesses.


Also, this practice, according to its followers, helps people slow down aging. Well, it looks like Aleta really did. Because by age she is suitable for her children as a grandmother, but she does not look like an old woman at all. In addition, she tries to keep up to date and be modern, so that children do not have to blush for her.

Looking at Aleta and her children, you understand that late childbirth is not so terrible today, because modern women are getting older and older, and medical technology has gone far ahead.

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