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American woman checked the makeup resistance in an extreme way


Source: Rambler

A resident of the United States conducted an experiment with waterproof mascara. She decided to test how she would stand the pepper spray test. The girl went to the victim and sprayed it in his face.

Фото: Depositphotos

Brandi Upton has her own beauty blog on Youtube and Instagram. The girl had few subscribers to her unusual experience, writes Rambler.

She took expensive and cheap mascara with a waterproof effect and sprayed pepper spray on her face. After that, she waited another 25 minutes to check endurance to the end.

As a result, more expensive mascara spread over the face, while the cheap one remained on the eyelashes. She said that the very popular mascara in the US Too Faced does not justify its high cost, so it can be replaced with cheaper counterparts. One of these was the brand Wet n Wild.

Despite the dangerous experiment and the fact that, as the blogger herself stated, she was very hurt, she still withstood it and helped its subscribers.

Her state of health is not specified.

Recall that last year, a Boston nurse who got into an accident shocked everyone by leaving a review about cosmetics. The woman left the most original review on the page of the cosmetics manufacturer, saying that the arrows drawn with eyeliner even survived a car accident.

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