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American woman explained why she is better in Russia than in the USA

13.11.2021, 17: 15 EST

A source: Reporter

Judith Dimon, 2008, visited Russia for the first time in XNUMX. Then, as a nineteen-year-old student, she came to our country as a tourist, and then the profession of a photojournalist in one of the American publications connected her with Russia for a long time.

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More than six times, from 2008 to 2018, Judith visited the Russian Federation - in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Sochi, but she still does not cease to admire our country. She singles out at least eight reasons for an enthusiastic attitude towards Russia, writes Reporter.


The people - the main wealth of any country. Judith believes that people in Russia are amazing - kind, generous, friendly, courageous.

“We have more pretense, we are not always sincere with each other. Although we smile. The Russian person looks harsh, but if you make friends with him, it will be just wonderful, unrealistically cool, ”says Judith.

For the Russian person is characterized by the ability to combine many different interests - from sports to cooking, from "smart books" to modern music. And this, too, surprised Judith a lot. Americans, according to her, are more one-dimensional.


Russian cuisine cannot but evoke positive emotions. As a result of the combination of culinary traditions of the most diverse peoples of the Russian Federation, now Russian cuisine is Ukrainian borscht, Caucasian shish kebab, salads of various origins, and pickles. As Judith says, food in Russia is incredibly tasty, albeit high in calories. In the United States, people are used to fast food and do not pay as much attention to culinary delights.


Many Americans live in their cottages, but the concept of "dacha" is associated exclusively with Russia. Judith liked the country culture very much. After all, even a poor Russian person really wants to have his own dacha, or at least regularly go to the dacha to visit relatives or friends. A dacha means fresh air, barbecue, agricultural work, which is not a burden, but a pleasure.

“It seems to me that the dacha is very good for health. In our world, where a lot of cars, bad ecology, a trip to the country house is like a breath of fresh air, ”Judith shares her impressions.


Russian men - real gentlemen and macho compared to the Americans. They know how and love to care for ladies, and even a completely unfamiliar woman will open the door, give a hand - and without some sexual connotation. Just in Russia it is customary to be polite with a woman. And this circumstance also pleasantly surprised Judith. Although Russian men, she claims, are less likely to look after themselves and take care of themselves than Americans.

New Year holidays

Probably, in no other country in the world do they like the New Year. In Russia, it is a mega-holiday, which is celebrated by both young and old. Christmas traditions so much that everything is not to remember. True, Judith says that you need to have very good health in order to celebrate the New Year as a real Russian.


Another important Russian tradition is to go to the sea every summer. Americans also go on vacation, but in Russia a trip to the sea - with family or alone - is considered almost mandatory. Everyone goes to the sea - both wealthy people and lonely pensioners. Judith thinks this is a very healthy and correct tradition.


Surprised by Judith and the availability of Russian medicine. In the United States, as they say, medical equipment is generally better, more qualified doctors, but all this is available only for the rich, or at least for those who are able to take a huge loan for treatment. In Russia, there is good free medicine, pharmacies have more drugs and they are often sold without a prescription from doctors, which does not create obstacles for the common man.

Love for books

“Most of the Russian people I talked to are very literate. They read a lot, incredible compared to the Americans. And they love their culture very much, but they also know European, American. We are not as interested in other countries as in Russia, ”emphasizes Judith.

Every self-respecting Russian has his own library at home, albeit a small one. Much less books are read in the United States; most Americans are brought up on films and computer games. And this is another reason for Judith to fall in love with Russia.

During the long years of her acquaintance with our country, Judith Dimon no longer conceals that Russia is much more in spirit than Russia’s own homeland.

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