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American found 'dead' daughter in 29 years: she became a man


Source: Tj.Sputniknews

The American “buried” her daughter, but after 29 years she found her child again. How this strange but touching story happened - read the material.

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An American found her daughter, whom she considered dead, after 29 years, writes Tj.Sputniknews.

Tina Bejarano from the USA gave birth to a daughter in 17 years. Mother at first forbade her to give birth, but failing to break the character of her daughter, she conceded.

But after giving birth, it was Tina's mother who said terrible words: “Your baby died 15 minutes after birth. He was sick".

The girl experienced this difficult: she and her husband every year celebrated the first-born’s birthday and together experienced annual bouts of depression.

Another daughter of Tina persuaded to donate her DNA to an American base to search for relatives.

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And one day Bejarano received a letter from a stranger.

It turned out that the daughter whom she had mourned for 29 years was alive. Christine adopted a married couple from Las Vegas. Later, Bejarano's child changed sex and became a man; he lives in New Jersey with his wife and child.

And instead of a daughter, Bejarano had a son.

“I don't care if he changed sex or not. Who cares. This is my child. We're just glad he's alive, ”says Tina Bejarano.

Tina and Christine hope their story will inspire other families not to give up looking for their loved ones.

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