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American woman lost her fingers, lighting a candle in the dark


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A resident of Bridgeport in the United States was not ready for a sudden blackout in the house and lost a few fingers due to carelessness. In the dark, a woman went down to the basement in search of candles and found the whole box left by the former tenant. The fact that the box was not candles, she learned only when the wick was set on fire.

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In the first week of September, thunderstorms and rains hit the American bridgeport in Connecticut. Rampant elements led to the breaks of power lines and disconnection of electricity in the homes of local residents.

While most of the townspeople were buying lanterns in supermarkets, one of the families was just returning from a long trip and did not know about the troubles that had happened in the house. Journalists do not name the names of unlucky Americans, but report that the family returned from the trip late at night, when all the shops were closed.

Not wanting to sit in the dark, the household began to wonder where to get the light, and remembered the "gift" from the previous tenants. As Michael Caldaroni, the city’s fire department chief, later noted, the Americans meant candles.

The family remembered that when they bought their home two years ago, there was a box in the basement with what they thought were candles left by previous residents or a homeowner.

For the saving box in the basement went to the mother of the family. According to the newspaper, 30-year-old woman lifted the box upstairs, and soon after the neighbors heard a loud explosion in the house.

After a while, the fire brigade, which was called by one of the women’s children, arrived. Later, during a conversation with reporters, Caldaroni explained that the box, found by an American, was not full of candles, but dynamite sticks.

At the time of the accident, in addition to a woman, her husband and two children who were not injured were in the house. The victim, according to the doctors, lost several fingers and was immediately taken to the hospital, but the exact extent of the damage is not specified.

The house remained intact, only one window was broken. Taking advantage of the incident, the fireman noted that the people around him could learn two valuable lessons from the tragedy that had taken place.

First, if you find something in your home that looks like it has something to do with a fire or flame, immediately contact the fire department. And secondly, always have a supply of auxiliary lighting in case of blackouts. Preferably, these are battery operated devices.

Firefighters seized the remaining stock of dynamite and blew it under the control of specialists away from the living quarters.

Although residents in Connecticut are forbidden to keep even fireworks at home, the police are not going to start an investigation into the victim and her family, as the experts have no doubts: the woman really didn’t assume that there was a murderous box in her house.

The same sudden and unexpected for the whole family was the death of a girl from London. 17-year-old Daniel was the happiest man, but suddenly jumped off the roof of her house and broke. Parents were looking for the cause of suicide for a long time, but it turned out that it was not at all necessary to think about suicide.

Another girl, already from the States, herself went on her own abduction. An American woman has rigged her robbery and rape down to the smallest detail. And all this only in order not to pay the wages of their subordinates.

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