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American woman raped while working on an luxury yacht, received $ 70,6 million


Source: Sun sentinel

The court of the United States satisfied the claim of an American stewardess who was raped while working on an elite yacht. The woman received compensation in the amount of 70,6 million US dollars, tells Sun sentinel.

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The crime was committed by a drunken crew member - by origin a Pole, February 25 2015. The victim was a flight attendant on a luxurious 40-meter yacht Endless Summer, where she was abused.

On board were three: 20-year-old girl, captain and sailor. Being drunk, according to the victim, the sailor Rafael Dovgvillovich-Novitski burst into her cabin and forced to have sexual contact, threatening to kill.

The sailor was arrested and sent to prison for two years. When his sentence expired, the man was deported to his homeland in Poland.

But this did not satisfy the victim, and she filed a lawsuit against the employer, the company Island Girl Ltd.who owns the yacht, accusing that her safety was not ensured: the young girl was left on board in the company of two men for the night, without providing the means of communication to report abnormal situations.

As the victim’s lawyer Brad Edwards says, the violence lasted more than an hour, all the while she screamed loudly, but no one came to the rescue - and only later the girl was able to turn to the captain.

The victim’s sufferings were assessed by the court at 66 million, they also added lost profits, medical expenses and material losses: this was the total amount of 70,6 million US dollars.

According to the lawyer, the woman still has serious psychological problems - for example, she can not sleep without light, and always puts a baseball bat and a machete next to her.

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