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The American has disappeared from the deck of a cruise liner and she has been looking for 20 for years.



24 March 1998, the American Bradley family boarded a cruise liner "Rhapsody of the Seas", following the route from the Puerto Rican capital San Juan to the Caribbean island of Curacao.


Spouses Ron and Iva, their son Brad and daughter Amy were going to have fun at a tropical resort. However, the pleasure trip on a luxury ship quickly turned into a nightmare for the family. 23-year-old Amy disappeared without a trace right in the middle of the ocean, tells Boredom therapy.

On the way to Curaçao, Brad and Amy decided to have a little fun at the nightclub on board. Having danced merrily, the brother and sister returned to their cabins. At half past five in the morning Ron glanced over to his daughter, who was asleep without hind legs. But by six o'clock, when the parents came to wake her, the girl seemed to melt into thin air!

The first thing the father of the girl turned to her brother. Brad told all the details of the last evening, which, as it turned out, passed without any incidents. True, the guy left the party a little earlier than his sister and could not notice something.

The only clue for parents was the story of a young man about Amy's new friend. According to Brad, the girl danced a lot with a certain Alistair Douglas, nicknamed Yellow, a member of the Blue Orchid group that played that evening at a party. Perhaps the musician knew something about the disappearance of the unfortunate ...

When Alistair said that he had nothing to do with the incident, Ron and Willow appealed to the captain of the ship, begging him not to moor to the shore. They feared that the people who had abducted their daughter would seize the moment and escape. However, the captain was adamant, and the "Rhapsody of the Seas" entered the port strictly on schedule.

In Curaçao, the police joined the search. After searching the ship and interviewing eyewitnesses, the guards found that Amy did not fall overboard. Experts concluded that the girl was really kidnapped. But the search yielded no results.

Photo:, FBI

After returning home, the Bradley family appealed to the FBI. For information about the missing announced reward. Over time, eyewitnesses began to appear, seeing a woman resembling Amy. Apparently, the unfortunate was still somewhere in the Caribbean, becoming a victim of human traffickers.

Once a couple of Canadian tourists spotted Amy on the beach. Tattoos, described by Canadians, coincided with those that decorated the body of a woman before disappearing. Later, a certain David Carmichael showed up, noticing how two strong men drove along the street like an Amy girl.

Some sailor claims that he was in a brothel in Curaçao and saw a woman there. The stranger introduced herself as Amy Bradley and asked for help, but the employees of the red-light salon quickly led the unfortunate person somewhere deep into the establishment. Alas, the sailor did not turn to the police, because he himself visited a brothel, bypassing the law.

And in 2005, an anonymous well-wisher sent the Bradley couple a snapshot of a half-dressed woman, strikingly similar to their daughter. Experts say that this is exactly what Amy might look like at the time. But even a private investigator hired by the family of the missing Curacao could not find the loss!

Amy's search continues to this day. The FBI has appointed an award in 25 thousand dollars for any information about the girl, and unhappy parents hope: sooner or later their missing daughter will return home.

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