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The American escaped from prison, but his wife brought him back



A curious incident occurred in the American Colorado. There, 38-year-old James Rinerson escaped from a local prison.

Фото: Depositphotos

He was sentenced to a short term, but when he had the opportunity to slip away to freedom, he did not lose it, he says

James was helped by cunning: he took advantage of the outward resemblance to his cell mate, whom he should have been released, and left the place of detention instead.

But to enjoy the brilliant plan did not work - in the basement of his own house, where Rainerson managed to get, his wife found him. The woman did not appreciate her husband’s devious plan, but put him in a car and drove him back to prison.

Photo: Mesa County Jail

According to her, she hoped that in the two hours that her husband had been free, he would not be punished. But it was not there.

Now the man is charged with new charges: escape from prison, forgery of documents and deception of prison staff. Thus, a few more years have been added to the last term, so James will not be able to find out the relationship with his wife soon.

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