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The American admitted to Facebook that he shot his mother and friend


Source: Daily Mail

23-year-old Casey James Lowhorn from Tennessee admitted to the social networking site Facebook that he killed his mother and friend and intends to commit suicide.

Now the man is looking for the police, writes Daily Mail.

“Tonight at about 01:30 am I killed my mother (Vee Louhorn) and my close friend (Avery Geins) with a stolen .22 LR,” Louhorn wrote in Facebook 8 April.

“I have been thinking about murder for a long time, reflecting on how people feel at this moment. But I didn't feel anything, "the man wrote.

Local police reported that they found the killer car on the I59 not far, but he himself was not there. The man continues to be wanted.

В Facebook Louhorn described in detail what had happened: “Avery stayed overnight to go with me to Epikos hixson tonight play MtG as usual. He fell asleep on the floor in the living room around 00: 30, and I went to pick up my mother from the sports bar Buds on Brainerd Road.

“Every time my mother gets drunk, she constantly talks about how devastated she would be if I killed myself. So it was this time. As soon as I brought her to our house, I went to my room and grabbed a pistol. I paced the room nervously for several minutes, replaying what was about to happen in my head. But it was very, very different from what actually happened. I went up to Avery while he was sleeping and shot him in the head once, and he seemed to die instantly, ”the killer wrote.

“My mother was in her room, disoriented from alcohol, not realizing that something had happened. I tried to shoot her in bed, but the gun didn't work. She did not notice my attempt. I left the room and fixed the gun. When I returned to her room, she got out of bed, trying to calm the dog, Oscar. I quickly fired two shots, but since it was dark in her room, I did not notice where the bullets hit. I saw a wound on my left arm, but did not notice where the second bullet hit. She started screaming, the worst scream I have ever heard. The films really don't convey what real horror sounds like. The gun did not work again, so I tried to fix it, ”continued Louhorn.

“She screamed,“ You shot me! You killed me! Why?". As soon as I repaired the gun, I turned on the light so that I didn't miss any more. I shot her again and it was all over, ”the young man said.

After that, he said, he returned to the living room to pick up the heroin and cash that Avery had.

“Thick, dark blood was pouring out of his nose, and bile was pouring out of his mouth. I was trembling with adrenaline, but I felt nothing, except, perhaps, disgust for the corpse in front of me and the sounds it made. I reached into my pocket to pull out his wallet, grabbed what I wanted and left the house. It took 3 or 4 minutes for the entire event, ”Louhorn summed up.

He added that he hoped for the quick death of both victims, because "he did not want his mother to suffer." He also said that he did not harm the dog and the cat living in their house.

According to the police, Louhorn called 911 and told the dispatcher that he had just shot two people. He talked to the dispatcher for about 20 minutes, but ran away from the scene of the crime before the police arrived.

В Facebook the man said he now intends to kill himself, he said, he had planned it since high school.

“Of course, any normal person would want to die for themselves after what I did, after seeing what I saw and hearing what I heard. And all that awaits me is life in prison or maybe the death penalty, ”he wrote, specifying that he is only 23 years old and with life imprisonment he will have to spend many years behind bars. Therefore, he considers it more rational to kill himself and "not waste taxpayer money."

Lawhorn is a white male, about 165 cm tall and weighing about 50 kg, police said. Law enforcers warn that he is armed and dangerous, everyone who sees him is urged to immediately call 911.

Screenshot from Facebook / Casey James Lawhorn
Screenshot from Facebook / Casey James Lawhorn

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