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American graduate in 97 years


Source: Interfax

Photo: depositphotos

American Charles Luzz, a veteran of World War II, was given a diploma of graduation. Graduate turned 97 years. Reports about it Interfax, with a link to AP.

Charles Luzz from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was forced to give up his studies in high school. He needed to earn money and provide for his family.
Then he was drafted into the army. He participated in hostilities and was awarded two Purple Heart medals and four Bronze Star medals.
After the war, for reasons beyond Charles’s control, he was also unable to obtain a diploma from graduation. But becoming a pensioner, he was finally able to fulfill his dream. The idea of ​​learning was supported by his entire family.
Charles's daughter was incredibly happy that her father was able to fulfill the dream of his life and get a diploma of graduation.
The next step for the 97-year-old Luzz, may be going to college. In any case, Charles himself does not exclude this. In his opinion, he could continue to study further, since at the moment he is not busy with anything and can easily manage his time.

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