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American 19 years held in captivity and raped stepdaughter


Source: New York Post

Last Thursday, Mexican police detained Henri Michel Piete, an 62-year-old resident of Wagoner, Oklahoma, for abduction, rape, and illegal detention of his 12-year-old stepdaughter, writes New York Post.

A girl named Rosalyn MacGinnis lived in Wagoner with her mother and stepfather. After Drinking one she raped her spouse once, she ran away from him and moved to a special shelter that is intended for women victims of domestic violence. But Drink didn’t forgive this act to his wife - he stole an 12-year-old girl when she was walking home from school, raped her in a car and took her to Mexico, where she hadn’t let go of 19 for years.

Pieta and Rosalyn played an impromptu "wedding", settled in a remote small village, where he systematically raped and tortured a girl. During this time, she gave birth to nine children, the police still do not know if they are all from a criminal. In June last year, she still managed to escape - she took eight children with her, and one more escaped earlier, and then caught up with the rest of the family. Mother with children constantly changed their place of residence in the United States.

At the moment, Henri Michel Drink arrested, the police and the FBI found that the Mexican criminal clans most likely helped to hide the traces of the crime.

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