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American fight: 5 important tips for those who are going to marry a foreigner


Source: Womanhit will tell you what you need to be prepared for if you are agreeing to live together with a partner from another country.

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It is no secret that a well-groomed man sitting at a nearby table in a cafe, speaking excellent English, is more likely to attract your attention than a guy "from a neighboring yard." Many girls spend most of their lives in search of a “foreign prince” in order to get married and leave with his beloved in his country. However, before you agree to an offer of marriage and hasty collection of things, make sure that you weigh the pros and cons.

Make a decision on a cold head

You are in love, a man carries you in his arms - it would seem that what could go wrong. Even before you transfer all things to the house of your future husband, you should definitely go (and more than once) to visit your beloved, live together for at least six months to make sure from your own experience that joint life suits you and him. Perhaps in the family of your future husband there are traditions and rules that you may not be ready for. Do not let the feelings overshadow the rational part of your consciousness.

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Consider differences in mentality

Your man can be the most wonderful person when you spend your vacation together or while away the evenings. Nevertheless, living together implies close contact not only with your beloved man, but also with an alien culture. Carefully study all the subtleties, especially the differences in your cultures, because quite often the cultural aspect becomes a stumbling block on the path to a happy marriage. Not every woman is ready to say goodbye to her usual things, so you need to prepare in advance so as not to be in a state of shock upon arrival.

Learn the laws of another country

Of course, each of us looks forward to a marriage that will last a lifetime, but are there many such examples? Even if you do not doubt your own feelings and the affection of your chosen one, find out what are the rules for obtaining citizenship or a residence permit, how you can protect interests - personal and your children. Be that as it may, it will never be superfluous to play it safe.

Do you know the language of the country where you intend to move?

Without knowing the language you will always be a stranger in any country. If your family life did not work out and you want to find work in another country, it is almost impossible to do it without knowing the language (at least at an intermediate level). If you plan to move in the near future, do not pull and start learning the language in express mode and do not forget to support it in your country of residence.

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Have a “financial pillow” in case of emergency

Yes, you are going to your beloved man, who potentially should always support you. But no one can guarantee that a person will not prove himself on the bad side. And in this case, you will need external support. You should study the road to the consulate or embassy of the new country of residence to seek help in an emergency. Of course, you can’t remain completely financially dependent on your man. In any situation, you should rely only on yourself and calculate your capabilities in advance.

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