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Alsou told about a modest childhood and golden toilets in his house


Source: Sobesednik

A year and a half ago, the singer gave birth to a third child - in a family where there are already two daughters, the son Raphael appeared. After the maternity leave, the singer is ready to re-enter the stage and, on the eve of this event, told Sobesednik about raising children, escaping from depression and coping with gossip.


Where did those “golden toilets” that the press wrote about come from? It turns out that when Alsou's career was just beginning (the girl appeared on the stage at the age of 16), many said that the Safins family lived in incredible luxury. The singer's father is a famous oil businessman and politician, of course, a wealthy man. But, as Alsou herself says, she was never pampered in the family, the girl's early childhood was modest in the Soviet way, in kindergarten she was looking forward to New Year's bags of sweets, and when her father once gave her a Barbie, happiness knew no bounds.


Of course, there were no golden toilets in the house. “I don’t pay attention to these nonsense, we all walk under the same sun,” the singer says. A very wealthy artist also tries not to pamper her daughters, it is important for her that the children know: not everything can be obtained at once, it is necessary to work. The girls (11-year-old Safina and 9-year-old Mikella) are engaged in creativity, learn languages, love music and dance. Every minute of their life is scheduled, and, according to the mother, her children “delight her insanely”.


When asked about the best remedy for sadness and melancholy, Alsou talks about her dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named Bonnie. “She is never in a bad mood,” the singer says and expresses the hope that the “mistress” of 2018 will love the Alsou family as much as Bonnie the dog loves.

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