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Alla Pugacheva boasted gifts for the 70 anniversary. VIDEO


Source: KP

15 April Alla Pugacheva turned 70 years. Five days later, Alla Borisovna will celebrate the anniversary in her castle near Moscow, where her friends will personally congratulate her.

Harry and Lisa congratulate mom. Photo: video screenshot

"The woman who sings" did not arrange a magnificent celebration on her anniversary, writes KP. The artist spent her personal holiday with her family in her country residence in the village of Gryaz.

Alla Borisovna admits that she does not like to celebrate her birthday. Like, every time she wants to hide from the hype around her name and an endless series of congratulations.

Photo: frame from Alisher's video “Tell me, Alla”, 2018. YouTube / Sergey Zaborovsky


Earlier, the singer planned to spend her birthday at the rehearsal of her upcoming solo album in the Kremlin Palace, which will otgremit on the main Russian stage 17 April. But then AB moved the rehearsal on Tuesday to be with her family on her birthday.

It is true that in the morning the stylist Alisher drove to the actress at the light.

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AB chose outfits for the upcoming solo album and for April 20, for the festive banquet, to which Pugacheva invited guests to the 150 restaurant situated near Moscow.

In the meantime, Alla Borisovna unpacks the first gifts from friends.

So the famous artist and old friend of the birthday girl Nikas Safronov made another portrait of a star. The picture of the hero of the day is depicted in the heyday of his career, even when her smile was highlighted by the branded sherbinka.

And designer Igor Gulyaev gave the singer a bulky shopping bag with which AB can not only go shopping, but also to the beach.

- This is a bag from my latest collection presented at Fashion Week. The bag depicts a 12-year-old student of the music school Alla Pugacheva. We took a photo from the singer's family album as a basis, painting it with neon shades. I hope Alla Borisovna liked the gift, - couturier Gulyaev told KP. Here's the bag:

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Her grandchildren came to the castle to Pugacheva with gifts. 7-year-old Claudia, whom the birthday girl affectionately calls “my little drop” and 21-year-old Denis (he interrupted her studies in London for the family celebration) made a collage of her portraits from different years and family photos for her grandmother's favorite.

- Happy birthday, mommy. This is a collective children's creativity, - Kristina Orbakaite congratulated her mother, handing over the collage made by her grandchildren.

Photo: screenshot

- Mom, friend, teacher, example, soul, affectionate grandmother, wisdom, intelligence, talent, Music, understanding, sensitivity, vulnerability, humor, resourcefulness, love. Happy Birthday! There are no words and emotions to express feelings for you! I just want to cuddle up and sit quietly, not noticing the time, hustle and bustle! Just be around.

- What good fellows! - praised the present of Pugachev's grandchildren.

By the way, she has already managed to change her pajamas to comfortable jeans, which, according to the words of stylist Alisher, after a phenomenal weight loss she buys in the children's department of boutiques.

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