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'Alla will not forgive': Kirkorov recorded a video with the younger Rotaru and called her queen



On the evening of December 7, "Song of the Year" was held in Moscow. It is from this concert that the marathon of pre-holiday events starts, which viewers will see on New Year's holidays. This time the festival attracted the attention of dozens of celebrities. Nikolai Baskov, Kristina Orbakaite, Jasmine, Lev Leshchenko and other stars shone that evening. And Philip Kirkorov changed several outfits and was able to chat with Sofia Rotaru.


After a performance in the dressing room, Kirkorov talked with the singer and gave her compliments, writes

In the social network, the king of the Russian stage posted a video in which he escorted Rotaru to the car. The singer looked irresistibly in a black and white oversize dress.

“She is unique, she is beloved, she is People's Artist of the USSR. You are the queen, ”said Philip Bedrosovich.

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Many fans agreed with him. Under the post, they began to vigorously discuss the appearance of the 72-year-old star.

“The most beautiful and charming woman, with age everything is more beautiful and more beautiful!”,

“That is the only time that Philip removed his crown for a while,”


“How beautiful, you can’t say anything,” users said.

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Others drew attention to the words of Kirkorov.

“Yeah, Pugacheva is our queen, but not this one!”,

“And Alla Borisovna ??? Diamond?",

"Alla Borisovna will not forgive Philip,"

“What a fellow that showed her to us”- commented on the post subscribers.

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