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Alphonse divided Russian woman into two apartments in Moscow and Porsche


Source: Rambler

Muscovite Julia Alekseeva was the victim of Alfonso from a dating site. Relationship with Mikhail ended for the girl selling two apartments in the capital and the car Porsche Cayenne.

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Fateful acquaintance

A few years ago, Julia met her love on a dating site, tells Rambler. 37-year-old Michael seemed smart and wealthy. Drove on Toyota Camry. He was attentive, gallant. Michael gave his beloved flowers, candy, promised a happy future. According to Yulia, like Mikhail, no one ever cared for her.

A month and a half after they met, the man made an offer, and Julia agreed without hesitation.

Divorce and maiden name

However, immediately after the wedding, Michael seemed to be replaced. He became harsh, aggressive, did not let Julia drive her car, and his Toyota gone somewhere. The man began to beat her.

Julia gave birth to a daughter, hoping that family relations would improve, but this did not happen. Then Julia decided to divorce. Michael agreed to a divorce, with only one condition. A girl must sell all her property, namely two apartments and a car, and give all the money to him.

Yulia did just that: she sold everything, gave 47 millions of rubles to her husband (761 one thousand US dollars), got a divorce and went to her parents in Penza. There, the girl wrote a statement to the police. She accuses her ex-husband of having forced her to sell real estate and a car with beatings and threats, and then she took over all the money.

And Michael at this time again registered on a dating site.

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