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Hell for minimalists: an American turned her home into the abode of psychedelics


Source: Medialeaks

A creative girl turned her home into an "acid" picture and shoots funny videos there for social networks, they write Medialeaks.

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Users of social networks watched a video of the artist with her bright house, which the girl decorated herself, and opinions were divided. While some commentators admired the abundance of color, others seem to feel sick from the frames alone. But the work on the living space is only half done.

Savannah Saturn is a 23-year-old artist and singer from Pennsylvania. The girl told BuzzFeed News that she and her mom turned the parent's garage into a full-fledged home for her daughter - with a kitchen, a bathroom and a loft with a bed. Savannah received the green light to decorate the space the way she wants, and what came of it, the American shared with TikTok users.

For example, here's what the room where Savannah is painting looks like. According to the girl, she always has a mess here.

Screenshot: trippydraws / TikTok

The bathroom (Saturn's favorite place in the house) is not inferior in brightness to her workplace.

The girl creatively approached the ceiling decor: music records, bright footprints, artificial butterflies were used. The wall in her living room became the canvas for a large painting that took Savannah three weeks.

Screenshot: trippydraws / TikTok

But these are not all the features of the American woman's house, which are presented in her video, which has collected more than five million views. Saturn told BuzzFeed News that only half of the work on her living space is done.

Screenshot: trippydraws / TikTok

But users of social networks and current repairs were enough to arrange heated discussions. True, many commentators, looking at him, did not feel the most positive emotions.

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