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And Melania is not real: the Trump spouses were accused of substitution



Twitter users re-debate the theory that U.S. First Lady Melania Trump has a double, reports

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Since 2017, the idea that the American president is sometimes accompanied by women pretending to be his wife has been regularly gaining popularity on the social network: this time, the "fake Melania" was discovered before traveling to the final debate in Tennessee. The Donald Trump administration regularly denies these rumors.

Speculation on this topic reappeared on social media when a photograph from October 22 saw the light of the day, in which Donald and Melania Trump go to debate in Tennessee from the White House: in a woman with a broad smile in large sunglasses and a black Christian Dior dress, in which his wife the president was at the event, social media users did not recognize the first lady.

As a result, the hashtag #FakeMelania (#FakeMelania) began to gain popularity on Twitter again, under which the inhabitants of the social network began to share their observations.

“The only thing I’m going to miss in this administration is how they change the new Melania, pretending we don’t notice, like the four-year-olds with the fish,” wrote one Twitter user.

Also, the user attached a photo in which Melania really does not look like herself. You can view its publication here.

“I never believed in the conspiracy around the fake Melania, but now we can say 100% that this is not her, because she is delighted to look at the Christmas tree from afar. I was thinking about getting enough sleep today, but now I am alarmed because of the fake Melania, ”the subscriber complained on the social network.

Inhabitants of Twitter began to publish collages in which you can compare two faces and even tried to compare the teeth of the woman smiling in the photo and the wife of the President of the United States, coming to the conclusion that the “new Melania” has a more rounded shape than the usual one.

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Theories that instead of Melania Trump, her counterparts sometimes travel with the President of the United States for several years, the first such assumptions began to be expressed in 2017 after Donald Trump visited the residents of the hurricane in Puerto Rico. Then such a conclusion was made on the basis that at some point the president separately said: "My wife Melania, who was right here." Conspiracy theorists decided that this was noted precisely because in fact the first lady of the United States was in a different place, and in addition, they compared the nose of "that" Melania with the real one and decided that it was different.

On Twitter in the same 2017, American entrepreneur Joe Vargas made a similar assumption. He published a video that later became viral: on it Donald Trump is talking to TV reporters, and next to him is Melania Trump, who is wearing sunglasses - now this publication is not available.

“This is not Melania,” wrote Joe Vargas. “Crazy — they think they can go this far and make us think she’s on TV. I wonder what else is the same lie. "

Even then, the White House firmly denied these rumors.

“Once again, we find ourselves being fed a ridiculous semblance of history while we could talk about the work the first lady is doing for the children, including dealing with the opioid crisis that has gripped our nation,” Melania's communications director told CNN Trump Stephanie Grisham.

However, speculation on this topic continued.

In August 2018, social networks again decided that next to Donald Trump, now during a visit to Ohio, there was a double of his wife - this time the basis was her hairstyle, laid on the "wrong" parting.

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In 2019, social media users re-discovered Melania Trump's doppelganger when the presidential couple headed to Alamaba in March to honor tornado victims. "Sorry, but there is no chance that this is Melania," wrote one of the users of Twitter about Trump's companion, ascending the plane with him. "This woman walks and waves her hand without Melania's trademark tightness." Many commentators expressed confidence that the role of the first lady of the United States on this trip was performed by the security officer of the first couple of the United States.

Then Donald Trump criticized the media spreading these rumors - he accused them of editing the photos of him and his wife, as a result of which Melania Trump turned out to be different from herself.

“The fake news photographed Melania's photos, and then launched conspiracy theories that she was not next to me in Alabama and other places,” the US president wrote. "They're getting more and more insane."

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