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9 things a woman needs more than marriage


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Even now, in the age of getting rid of stereotypes, expressions like "old maid" have not gone anywhere. But you need to understand that besides marriage, a modern woman needs something else to be happy.

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Faithful friends

Even those who are used to being alone or keeping things secret need someone to rely on. These people will understand, support and will not leave you in trouble. Moreover, in this matter, quality is much more important than quantity. Even one close friend is able to replace the crowd of those with whom you “hang out” on holidays, writes SM News.

Favourite buisness

Work should bring joy. There we spend most of our lives. And if there is dissatisfaction in this matter, then the negative will be superimposed on all spheres of life. Now there are many courses to find yourself and your calling. If at work everything is not happy, then you need to try to change something.


It used to be that a woman should be able to cook, clean and raise children. It’s not bad at all if doing business for you is your main activity. But does it give you joy? Realizing yourself does not mean trying to do everything well for others, forgetting about yourself. Healthy egoism does not hurt at all.

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Financial independence

There are so many series, in the plot of which the woman is left alone with the children in her arms, without housing, work and education. But soon, she was doing well. True, in life such a scenario for some reason works poorly. If you do not want to stay on the beans, look for the opportunity to earn money even on maternity leave. Even if everything is fine in a relationship, it’s embarrassing to ask a man for money. In the end, having your own money is another reason to be proud of yourself.


Passion can be absolutely any. The main thing is that the hobby should be a joy. At the frantic pace of life, this is a kind of outlet, even if there is only half an hour a week for such an activity.


Many people think that evaluating yourself means putting it up for sale. But this is a necessary skill for a woman. You must understand what you deserve and not exchange for less. And here it is not about money, but moral qualities. It is difficult to find a good man if you are sure that that gopnik from the neighboring yard is the only guy who will pay attention to you.

Love for yourself

Remember all the same series. A poor girl lives: everything is in the house, everything is for the husband. Myself will not buy anything, dresses like a grandmother and does not paint. But the lack of makeup in this case is not self-acceptance, but spit. Self-love works wonders. Together with her, self-confidence and awareness of their value will come.

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Why do you get up every morning and go to an unloved job? Because you need money, everyone lives like that, what’s worse? The arguments are frankly weak and empty. You are unique in your own right. So, you have the right to live as you want. And this goal should be the main motivation. To buy an apartment with a large balcony, to have a huge dog and to arrange a library in the whole room - you have every right to do so. Motivation should push you to happiness, not to despondency.

Health care

There is nothing to talk about. It is hard to feel happy with a sore back, acne and migraines. If you are unwell, you cannot live fully. Exercise, lose weight, go through the examination. It's not that complicated, the main thing is to get out of the couch.

Marriage today guarantees almost nothing. And if it suddenly collapses, you must stay at home. But in what condition you will be, this is only the work of your hands.

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