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What absolutely cannot be done on an empty stomach



Our mood and performance throughout the day depends on how good and vigorous morning will be.

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Therefore, there are rules that it is strictly forbidden to do in the morning on an empty stomach, if you want to feel not only energetic, but also healthy, writes We will talk about them further. So, you can't:

1. Drink coffee

A cup of aromatic and invigorating coffee in the morning is an unbreakable ritual for many!

But if you drink coffee on an empty stomach, it can adversely affect the work of the stomach, provoke heartburn and gastritis!

And the blame for all the excess amount of gastric juice secreted in the process of drinking coffee. Hydrochloric acid irritates the gastric mucosa and disrupts the digestive system.

In case a cup of coffee is your breakfast, forget about good mood and energy throughout the day. The fact is that morning coffee on an empty stomach, combined with the lack of breakfast, is a direct path to a serotonin deficiency, and this hormone is responsible for a great mood!

What do coffee lovers, starting their day with a cup of coffee?

  • Tip: add cream or milk to the coffee (the fat contained in these products will help minimize the negative effect of coffee drunk on an empty stomach).
  • And even better - start the morning with a glass of warm purified non-carbonated water to start the work of the whole body and speed up the metabolic processes!

2. To smoke

Morning coffee with a cigarette on an empty stomach - another bad habit that needs to be eradicated!

Nicotine, like coffee, increases the production of gastric juice, which, in the absence of products for digestion, begins to destroy the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. And this is fraught with a violation of the acid balance, the development of gastritis, gastric ulcers and 12-duodenal ulcer.

Smokers unanimously claim that smoking a cigarette in the morning invigorates, helps them gather their thoughts and calm down. In fact, a cigarette in the morning eliminates the manifestations of nicotine withdrawal, while there can be no talk of any benefits of smoking!

  • Tip: Say a firm “no” to smoking! If you are not yet ready to part with this habit, then start your morning with breakfast, and only then reach for cigarettes that slowly poison your life.

3. Drink alcohol

Since we are talking about bad habits, we can not ignore the use of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol, drunk on an empty stomach, is absorbed into the bloodstream 2 times faster, which, at least, leads to rapid intoxication.

At the same time, the decay products of alcohol-containing drinks are removed for a very long time, which is not only fraught with a severe hangover, but also negatively affects the functioning of the liver, kidneys and heart.

  • Tip: Don't drink alcohol on an empty stomach! Even a small sandwich with butter will reduce its negative impact on the body!

4. Take pills

Remember one immutable rule: any pills should not be taken on an empty stomach, unless the instructions for the drug say otherwise.

Anti-inflammatory drugs deserve special attention, taking them on an empty stomach not only reduces their effectiveness, but can also provoke stomach bleeding!

  • Tip: drinking anti-inflammatory drugs with milk, you will reduce the negative consequences that may occur while taking them.

5. Chewing gum

If you chew gum on an empty stomach, then the produced gastric juice damages the gastric mucosa, which can eventually provoke the development of gastritis.

But even after eating, you can chew gum for no more than 10-15 minutes. This will help prevent the formation of malocclusion (this is especially true for children) and exclude the intake of substances harmful to the body contained in this product.

  • Tip: Choose chewing gums that contain natural sweeteners such as xylitol or sorbitol.

6. Go to bed

Nutritionists unanimously repeat that it is undesirable to eat after six in the evening. But what if you go to bed close to midnight, and your stomach gives signals that it is empty?

It is impossible to ignore such signals, because the feeling of hunger simply will not allow you to relax and fall asleep. If you still manage to fall asleep, then the dream will be superficial, and awakening will be early.

In addition, when you wake up hungry as a wolf, you will eat a double serving for breakfast. And overeating threatens the appearance of extra pounds.

Tip: Dairy products containing magnesium and calcium will help to cope with hunger and make you sleep sound. But such a late dinner is unlikely to affect the figure, unless, of course, you drink a sandwich with sausage with milk.

7. Go in for sports

With intense strength training on an empty stomach, you will undoubtedly lose muscle mass, but fat deposits will not disappear anywhere.

The opinion that such training effectively burns calories is also erroneous, because the hungry body does not have enough energy for this.

Tip: If you are planning an intense workout, then be sure to have a snack about an hour before the start of the workout. If you will be exercising with an empty stomach, then give preference to anaerobic exercise.

8. Buy groceries

Avoid grocery stores if you're hungry. Otherwise, you run the risk of acquiring a lot of unnecessary products that you will eventually have to eat, and this may not be the best way for both your budget and your figure.

Tip: visit grocery stores on a full stomach. Better yet, make a list of necessary products and take with you the amount needed to purchase items from the list. This will reduce the temptation to indulge in something tasty, unplanned and not always healthy.

Foods that should not be eaten on an empty stomach

The list of undesirable foods for eating on an empty stomach includes:

  • Citrus fruits, since their high acid content can trigger over time the development of gastritis and stomach ulcers. Those who start their day with a glass of citrus juice, nutritionists recommend to dilute the juice with water in the ratio 1: 1 or use the juice after a meal.
  • Sandwiches with sausage, bacon or pate, the harm of which many times exceeds the benefit. Fans of such fatty and high-calorie breakfasts and snacks are advised to replace the listed products with cheese, and use whole-grain bread to make sandwiches.
  • Bananas, which contain fructose, when consumed on an empty stomach provoke a sharp increase in blood sugar. In addition, this fruit contains large quantities of magnesium, which, when taken on an empty stomach, can lead to disruption of the calcium-magnesium balance in the body and problems with the cardiovascular system. Yield: combine bananas with dried fruits or apples.
  • Raw vegetables (for example, cucumbers, cabbage, sweet peppers) can provoke irritation of the gastric mucosa, as they contain acids. And this can lead to gastritis and the formation of ulcers.
  • Sweets on an empty stomach is not the best solution if you care about your health. The fact is that in the morning the pancreas is not able to produce the amount of insulin that is necessary for the full breakdown of sugar, which leads to an increase in blood sugar.
  • Garlic is another product that is contraindicated on an empty stomach, as it not only irritates the stomach lining, but can also provoke gastrospasm.

We hope that these simple rules will help you minimize the harm that we often do to ourselves by forgetting about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Correct your daily habits - and the body will definitely thank you with its well-coordinated work!

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