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Nine Signs You Can't Clean Up


Source: Life hacker

Why dry a toilet brush and how often bed linen need to be changed, says Life hacker.

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1. You do not wash rags

Rags for dust, floor, glass and in general any need to be washed after each cleaning, otherwise microorganisms will accumulate and multiply on their surface. Cleaning the apartment with such rags is pointless.

  • How to

Wash rags with laundry soap or other cleaning agent. If you are too lazy to wash the rags, use disposable universal cleaning napkins. Usually they are made of non-woven material that does not leave fibers on the surface.

2. You do not dry the toilet brush

If after cleaning the toilet, you immediately put the brush in place, then turn it into a real kingdom of bacteria. The fact is that for harmful microorganisms, moisture is a comfortable environment, so they multiply faster in it. As a result, during the next cleaning with such a brush, you will not clean the toilet, but transfer even more bacteria to its surface.

  • How to

Let the brush dry completely after use. Remember to periodically rinse the brush and storage bowl with an antibacterial disinfectant.

3. You only clean the floor where the vacuum cleaner reaches

If the area of ​​the apartment is large, and the vacuum cleaner works from the outlet, it is likely that you simply do not get to the far corners.

  • How to

Do not be lazy and change sockets: your task is to clean the floor around the perimeter.

4. You start cleaning from the floor

It is impossible to clean the apartment from the bottom up, otherwise the dust from the cabinets will fall to the floor, it will become dirty again, and everything will go down the drain. This rule is taught from childhood, but many forget about it or simply do not follow it, because they put things in a hurry.

  • How to

The apartment needs to be cleaned from top to bottom: first, dust, windows and upholstered furniture, then carpet and floor. The only way.

5. You do not wash the floor under furniture

Because you forget or think that since these sections of the floor are not visible, then you can not worry about them. Indeed, they do not spoil the appearance of the apartment, but it cannot be called perfectly clean because of this.

  • How to

Dust clubs and a warehouse of forgotten things under a sofa or a closet should not be. Be sure to clean these areas during cleaning. In order not to suffer and not to climb under your furniture, use a mop.

6. You do not clean everything

You probably don’t forget to wash the stove, replace the bedding and wipe the dust. But you can hardly say the same thing about cleaning the shower curtain, the hood and the seams between the tiles.

  • How to

In order not to forget anything, try to make a list: analyze what is most often left unattended in your house during cleaning, and write it on a separate sheet.

7. You clean the apartment too rarely

If you clean up your entire home on a scheduled basis once a week, it's time to reconsider your cleaning approach. Surfaces are contaminated at different times, and therefore they need to be cleaned at different intervals.

  • How to

Microbiologist Jason Tetro and author of The Magic Cleaning. Perfect house order 10 minutes a day. ”Becky Rapinchuk is advised to do this:

  1. Change bed linen once every two to two weeks. Bacteria, fungi and dust accumulate on sheets and pillowcases, which can lead to acne and dandruff.
  2. Wash sinks once a day. Even if at first glance they are clean. On the sink in the bathroom, pieces of feces accumulate (they get there when washing hands after going to the toilet), and on the surface of the kitchen sink you can find salmonella and E. coli.
  3. Vacuum the carpet and wash the floor once a week (more often if you have pets or it is dirty on the street). It is recommended that the kitchen floor be cleaned several times a week, as bacteria from dirty vegetables or raw meat can get on it.
  4. Change the towel in the bathroom every few days and kitchen towels once a week. Otherwise, they will turn into a hotbed of bacteria.

8. You are inattentively reading the instructions for cleaning products

If you use too much floor cleaning agent, clean the stove with dishwashing liquid or do not follow the proportions by mixing any folk remedy, it's time to fix it. Such neglect of instructions may result in:

  • poor-quality cleaning if you use insufficient product;
  • the appearance of plaque or stains, if, on the contrary, you overdo it;
  • damage to furniture if you do not use the cleaning product for its intended purpose.

Carefully read the instructions for each remedy in the house. Pay attention to the proportions, method of application and time of exposure.

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9. You are cleaning the apartment too quickly

For many people, cleaning is an unloved activity. I want to finish putting things in order as quickly as possible. But in fact, you can’t rush. In a hurry, you can miss a section, mix up a cleaning agent or spread dirt all over the apartment (for example, if you use an unclean rag).

  • How to

If you cannot find the strength for a full-fledged cleaning, try dividing the process into several blocks. For example, first wipe the dust, then rest a bit, then go in for the kitchen, rest again, and so on. So you will be more attentive to each stage and all surfaces in your apartment will be clean.

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