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9 household items that could be hazardous to your health


Source: Life hacker

Perfumes, washing powder and other items that should be more careful.

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1. Checks from shops

You can add to the list of bad ones the habit of taking checks in stores, crushing them and putting them in a pocket or wallet, writes Life hacker. Checks are printed on thermal paper coated with a special powder, due to which dye appears on it. This powder contains extremely toxic bisphenol A. It is absorbed into the skin or into the gastrointestinal tract with food.

This chemical is similar in structure to the sex hormone estrogen and affects the reproductive system, and also causes cancer, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease.

2. Insect Remedies

Insecticides are usually written about potential harm, so few people think of using Dichlorvos indoors. Repellents, on the other hand, are generally treated as almost harmless. And this is true if you apply sprays and creams according to the directions on the label. Otherwise, they can harm your health and cause rashes, dizziness, nausea, and malfunctions of the nervous system.

3. Washing powder

Modern washing powders contain quite aggressive components, which is what makes them so effective. Some enzymes can exacerbate dermatological diseases, cause allergies. Phenol is considered the most unpleasant in washing powder. It is a toxic substance that adversely affects the central nervous system, heart, blood vessels, lungs and kidneys.

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To minimize the risk, experts advise rinsing things thoroughly.

4. Fire retardant impregnation

Fire retardants are used not only in the manufacture of wood products, they can be impregnated with home textiles and even clothing. However, some of them negatively affect the thyroid gland, cause tumors and other unpleasant health effects.

5. Non-stick aluminum cookware

The non-stick coating itself is considered relatively harmless if the dishes are not overheated. High temperatures can lead to the release of toxic substances, which are especially dangerous for birds. It is believed that during household use it is almost impossible to heat the dishes to a temperature at which the non-stick coating becomes dangerous to humans.

Another risk factor is aluminum, which comes in contact with food if the non-stick coating is damaged. Scientists again have no consensus on this issue, but some of them believe that aluminum can be toxic in elevated concentrations.

6. Perfumes and body sprays

Not all similar cosmetic products can boast an impeccable composition. Spraying some products due to synthetic flavors is completely unsafe: they cause irritation of the mucous surfaces of the respiratory tract. Coughing, sneezing, headache, allergies - a short list of negative consequences that a portion of your favorite perfume can lead to.

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The most controversial components of sprays are parabens and carcinogenic derivatives of benzene.

7. Air fresheners

Air fresheners have the same unpleasant consequences as perfumes with synthetic fragrances. Also included are phthalates that can trigger asthma. They are especially dangerous for pregnant women, as they cause diseases of the respiratory system, problems with the endocrine system in a child.

8. Aroma candles

The problem with scented candles is still in the same synthetic fragrances, but not only in their direct impact on health. It has been found that fragrant candles produce more soot than their odorless “counterparts”. Fans of this way to create home comfort are also faced with the release of alkanes, alkenes and toluene into the air, which provoke allergies, asthma and cancer.

9. Triclosan Detergents

The advertisement says that soap with triclosan will overcome all bacteria and prevent it from becoming infected with “dirty hands diseases”. Initially, it was used as a pesticide, and only then they began to be added to detergents. Now the component is considered to be potentially dangerous, but insufficiently studied to draw any conclusions. However, a number of studies confirm that triclosan causes cancer and hormonal disorders.

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