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8 secrets of proper hair washing


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It would seem, well, what could be difficult in shampooing? It turns out that it can. Every woman wants her hair to look great, but not every one knows how to achieve this.

And besides the constant visit to the hairdresser, hair masks and the purchase of quality care products, it is also important how you wash and dry your hair. How not to spoil hair, tells Marketium.

Secret №1
Do not dry your hair with a towel too intensively. The structure of the hair is damaged by friction. After washing, it is best to wrap the hair in a towel and let it absorb all the moisture.

Secret №2
Do not use a lot of shampoo. A lot does not mean good. According trichologists, those who wash their hair every day or every other day is enough soaping. And for those who wash their hair once or twice a week - you can soap and twice.

Secret №3
Treat hair gently. All your movements when washing your hair should be soft and gentle. Do not rub aggressively - this will lead to hair loss.

Secret №4
Take your time when washing your hair. Otherwise you risk badly rinse the roots. All hair problems start from the roots. The golden rule for any hair: thoroughly rinsed hair root zone and balm at the tips.

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Secret №5
Be sure to use conditioner or hair balm. They not only stabilize the pH, but also make the hair more silky, giving it a natural shine. Do not forget that the conditioner or balm must be applied to the tips and strands, but not to the roots.

Secret №6
Follow the correct schedule of washing hair. First you need to figure out what type of skin on your head. Some need just one wash per week, and some need to be washed every day. If the skin is dry, then the hair should be washed no more than once or twice a week. If oily, then every day or every other day.

Secret №7
Wash your hair is not hot, and warm water, and in the end must rinse cool. Hot water is the enemy for hair. It dries the roots, opens the hair scales and spoils the overall look.

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Secret №8
Do not blow dry your hair all the time. If you are in a hurry and you need to quickly do your hair - then yes, hair dryer here is the best assistant. And if you can, let your hair dry on its own. Laying can be done already on almost dried hair.

The secrets are really simple, and if you start using these recommendations, your hair will very quickly become beautiful and shiny.

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