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Eight foods and dishes you shouldn't order in a restaurant


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To prepare a healthy and tasty dish at home, you need to keep in mind a lot of important information about calories, nutritional value of foods, etc. Steaklovers.

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At times it bothers you, and you want to be served by professionals - they will definitely do everything right. Or not? What foods and dishes are undesirable to order in a restaurant, so as not to become a victim of the tricks of someone else's business (and food poisoning too)?

Most popular on the menu

As a rule, an inexperienced visitor to a cafe or restaurant considers the most popular items on the menu to be the safest and freshest - after all, the products are constantly used. In fact, this is not so: buying huge quantities of ingredients, the owners of the establishment give microorganisms time and the opportunity to multiply abundantly in them.

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Free snacks

Crackers, nuts that can be taken from the bar for free, look attractive. But think about the fact that the fingers of a complete stranger were immersed in front of you in the same vase or bowl. Then he put those fingers in his mouth, and then he took crackers again ...

Drinking water

A carafe of free water is great, but check the temperature of the water before drinking. Everything that cannot be called the word “icy” poses a serious threat to your health - bacteria breed well in warm water.

Will be cooked in front of your eyes

It is tempting and spectacular: a mobile roaster pulls up right to your table and prepares tasty dishes directly in front of you. Why is it better to refuse? First, it is stressful for the cook, and he is unlikely to cook with pleasure, and secondly, it is unhygienic (take only sneezing visitors around).

Meat on the bones

When it comes to pork or chicken - you risk. The fact is that frying meat (which, by the way, is less than usual in a piece of bone) is quite difficult. And if it's beef, you can try, but other types of meat are not worth it.

Special additives

Pasta with a unique author's sauce, which includes unexpectedly expensive ingredients at a reasonable price, is most often an impromptu chef that allows you to quickly dispose of products that are about to go bad. Do you still want this “special” supplement?

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Iceberg lettuce

It would seem that this is almost pure water and fiber - what could be harmful here? But the structure of lettuce leaves is such that harmful microbes perfectly settle and multiply in it. Even if it was washed, then most likely with non-potable water.

“Home-made” dishes

For example, meatloaf or home-style roast - they sound super appetizing, they are associated with a family dinner. But in reality, this may be an attempt to hide stale ingredients (especially if it contains minced meat or indistinct pieces of meat products), which in the case of meat is fraught with serious consequences.

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