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Top 8 popular foods that are useless with proper nutrition


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Quick breakfasts, fruit yoghurts and fast food salads are best excluded from a healthy diet.

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1. Yogurt with additives

Habitual fruit yoghurts will not benefit us, writes Life hacker... They usually contain sugar, artificial additives and flavors. Therefore, it is better to choose natural yoghurts with a short shelf life. This increases the likelihood that live lactobacilli, which regulate the water-salt and acid-base balance, will reach the intestines. However, everything is not so simple here either.

“The beneficial bacteria that enrich yoghurts may simply not make it to their destination. On the way to the intestines, they meet with gastric juices as well as bile acids, which significantly reduce the number of viable probiotic bacteria. Therefore, it is impossible to solve the problem of intestinal dysbiosis with the help of yoghurts, ”says gastroenterologist, nutritionist Guzel Evstigneeva.

2. Pasta

Ordinary wheat flour pasta is not the best choice with proper nutrition. It is easily digestible carbohydrates, which the body hastens to put off until later in the form of fat. Moreover, after eating them, hunger will not take long.

Only pasta made from durum wheat is considered useful. Such products have a lower glycemic index, which means that they are absorbed more slowly and do not cause a sharp jump in blood sugar.

Nutritionist Guzel Evstigneeva recommends cooking pasta to the state of al dente, in order to preserve maximum nutrients, trace elements and minerals.

3. Oatmeal that does not require cooking

Instant oatmeal is not the healthiest breakfast choice. Sachet porridge, like muesli, can contain sugar, and it provokes hunger, so a couple of hours after eating, you will want to eat again. There is also a disadvantage in instant cereals without additives: important elements in such breakfasts are destroyed during production.

“So that oatmeal can be quickly cooked, whole grains are husked, cleaned of bran (which, by the way, is an additional source of fiber), steamed several times at high temperatures, cut and flattened. As a result, only carbohydrates remain in the oatmeal, which, in the absence of fiber, contribute to a rapid rise in insulin in the blood, ”says the doctor.

4. Semolina

Favorite from childhood semolina cooked from wheat cereal. It contains a lot of simple carbohydrates, which are easily absorbed by the body, and hence the empty calories.

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In fact, semolina consists of pure starch and a small amount of protein. Porridge is quickly digested, and hunger returns, therefore, as a breakfast, semolina will not work.

5. Juices in bags

Juices in stores are divided into directly squeezed juice, reconstituted nectar and juice product. It depends on the composition and cooking technology. Most packaged drinks contain significant amounts of sugar.

Even if you managed to find natural juice without added sugar, eating fruits in its pure form is much more useful.

“I am not a proponent of consuming fruit juices regularly. In fruits, sugar is bound to fiber, while in juices it is practically free. Therefore, the ability to influence carbohydrate metabolism is not the best way for juices is much higher than that of the original fruits and vegetables. Therefore, if we talk about the benefits of juices, then only in the form of vegetable smoothies, ”advises the gastroenterologist.

6. Semi-finished products

Meat and fish semi-finished products are filled with a large number of artificial flavors, dyes, flavor enhancers and sugar. It is better to cook dumplings, nuggets, pancakes and cutlets yourself, and then freeze, so you will know exactly the composition of the dishes.

However, vegetable semi-finished products can be a salvation for residents of cities where they do not grow vegetables. With proper freezing, much more vitamins are stored in them than in imported products.

7. White rice

To increase the shelf life of white rice is first cleaned and then polished, some varieties are steamed. After complex manipulations in the croup there are not so many useful substances, and there is no fiber in it at all.

Alternatively, nutritionists advise to pay attention to red, brown, brown or black rice.

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Black rice is considered the most useful kind of cereals. This is a light and nourishing product with a large amount of fiber, such rice contains anti-cancer substances. Red rice normalizes blood sugar levels and lowers bad cholesterol.

“Brown rice is recommended for those who are losing weight, suffering from diabetes mellitus, and it also has a special nutty flavor. In terms of its nutritional properties, brown unpolished rice is much healthier than white rice, since most of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids are contained in the shell of the grain, ”says Guzel Evstigneeva.

8. Salads from fast food restaurants

The daily consumption of vegetable salads, seasoned with vegetable oil, is called the diet of centenarians. But salads from fast food establishments can hardly be attributed here. As a rule, they contain sauce with harmful additives. Thanks to him, the calorie content of the dish increases by 2-3 times and is equal to a regular burger.

In popular fast food chains, you can ask not to add the sauce to the salad. This will make it much more useful for health and for the figure.

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