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8 favorite Soviet dishes to forget about if you want to lose weight


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Together with nutritionist-nutritionist Marta Marudova TUT.BY chose eight popular dishes of the Soviet era, which many still love. The composition of this food will be bad for your figure!

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Herring under a Fur Coat

All mayonnaise salads are unsafe for the figure, but you need to understand that most of their calorie content is precisely mayonnaise. In Soviet times, herring under a fur coat and Olivier was prepared only on holidays, and once a year such salads did not pose any danger. Now a person can eat them at least every day - and this is the problem. If you really want herring under a fur coat or Olivier, but there is a need to control the amount of calories consumed, then you need to replace the dressing with Greek yogurt, low-calorie sour cream or, in extreme cases, with light mayonnaise.

People with insulin resistance or diabetes should be careful about vegetables found in popular Soviet salads (potatoes, beets, carrots). When they are boiled, their glycemic index rises, which means that they more fuel and provoke appetite.

Breaded cutlets

The danger of Soviet cutlets is in a loaf and abundant breading of rusks. All these are carbohydrates, which were previously added in order to reduce the cost of the product, but the more there are, the less protein in cutlets. Otherwise, the composition of the cutlets (if they contain minced meat, spices, onions, carrots) is all right. If you want to add something and not harm the figure, then you can use oatmeal or bran flour. The method of preparation is also fundamentally important: if you fry the cutlets in 200 ml of vegetable oil, then you can forget about their dietetic nature. It is best to steam or bake in the oven.

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Sandwiches with butter

Any sandwiches that contain a carbohydrate (bread, loaf) and fat (butter, lard, etc.) part is a terrible combination for a figure. A person who constantly eats such combinations of foods will gain weight rapidly. Ideally, if you want a sandwich with bacon, then instead of bread it is better to take a cucumber, green onions, and if you want a sandwich with salmon, it is better to combine fish with lettuce or other vegetables.

Meat in French

Pork baked with cheese and mayonnaise is not a dietary dish at all. Not only is fatty meat itself used, but very high-calorie ingredients are also added to it. If you really want to eat pork, then it is better to bake it with vegetables in foil - without the cheese and mayonnaise filling.

Sausage in dough

Sausages have never been a good product, because this is processed meat (it also includes sausages, small sausages, saltison, etc.) Maybe, when they were less available, people used them less, but now WHO is sounding the alarm about this category of products: Eating 50 grams of processed meat per day increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 23%.

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Sugar lollipops

The composition of such sweets is simple - sugar. And it harms not only the enamel of the teeth, promotes the development of caries and pathogenic microflora of the oral cavity, but also accelerates weight gain. For a Soviet person, eating a rooster on a stick was not a tragedy, because there was not so much sugar in his daily diet. Now it is in the composition of many products, so WHO recommends limiting and minimizing its amount in the diet.


In recent years, premium flour products have been ranked first in the ratings of the most harmful. In addition to flour, “brushwood” contains sugar, often margarine (and these are pure trans fats) and frying in a hot frying pan in vegetable oil (and this cooking method significantly increases the carcinogenicity of the product). Such a dessert cannot be dietary or healthy in any way.


Soviet drinks, as a rule, are quite harmless, such as compotes. But jelly, which contains both starch and sugar (we are talking about ready-made packages of jelly in briquettes), is unhealthy due to the number of calories and the high glycemic index of the product. If you want to make something similar to jelly, it is better to experiment with pectin compotes with various berries.

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