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8-year-old football player was expelled from the football tournament, calling a boy


Source: Wowt

The Nebraska football tournament organizers arranged real gender discrimination for an 8-year-old girl.

Football Tournament Organizers Springfield soccer club for girls up to 9 years expelled the entire team from the competition The azzuri-cachorros chicas from Omaha due to the fact that one of the football players allegedly looks like a boy.

Eight-year-old Mili Hernandez (Milagros “Mili” Hernandez) explained to the channel Wowtthat she likes to do a short haircut, and she does this every time she has long hair. According to her, the organizers forbade the team to speak at the event only because of her appearance. By the way, The azzuri-cachorros chicas won the three previous matches, so I had to continue the game in the semifinals.

“They only did it because I look like a boy,” Hernandez said. According to the athlete, she does not intend to change her appearance and grow braids due to the conflict.

Even 2 football players from the national team stood up for her.

Wambach (Abby Wambach) wrote down an appeal to Mila, urging the little athlete not to change her haircut, explaining that she “won the championship with short hair”.
And Mia Hamm (Mia Hamm) invited the girl to the training base of the US team.

“Hi Miles, we'd love to see you at one of the US National Team bases. Be yourself!".

According to the schoolgirl's parents, they tried to convince the organizers of the event. We even went to the doctor, who provided a certificate for Mili confirming that she was a girl. However, they were refused anyway.

“I don't want any problems, but this is the wrong attitude towards people. Why do they claim that my daughter looks like a boy? ”Explained the girl's father Gerardo Hernandez.

At the same time, representatives Springfield soccer club They explained that they excluded the team not because of the hairstyle, but because the application made a mistake, and Miles was declared as a boy. This violates the conditions of participation in the tournament. Full text can be read. there.

Parents of the other team members reported that this scandal was not the first. Strong team The azzuri-cachorros chicas excluded from tournaments before, and the reasons are almost always fictional. Parents are concerned that the organizers of the tournament are not only gender, but racial discrimination.

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