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8-year-old girl disappeared in the doorway of his own house, the father is looking for her already 33,


Source: Videoboom

30 July 1985, 8-year-old Nicole Maureen left her apartment, heading for the elevator. Downstairs, in the lobby of the residential complex, the girlfriend was waiting for her friend Jennifer. The children agreed to go together to the pool located in the same building ...

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The times were very calm, the residents of the complex did not worry at all about the safety of their offspring, says Videoboom. A girl in a bathing suit needed only to go down the elevator to the lobby. Alas, to Jennifer Nicole did not reach. Baby Maureen disappeared without a trace in the corridors of his native home!

Day of extinction

After 15 minutes, Jeanette, Nicole's mother, received a call from the hall. Jenny complained that her friend was late. The woman did not take what the child said seriously.

Photo: YouTube frame / Toronto Police Service

In the end, her daughter only needed to go through a couple of corridors and take the elevator down. Maureen waited a friend for another half hour, and then went into the pool alone. Only six hours later the woman smelled something was wrong ...

We raised the alarm!

Going around the entire residential complex, Jeanette did not find her daughter. But only in the evening, when it became clear that her search was fruitless, the seriously worried mother went to the police. The guardians of order took a long time to complete the search of the 400-apartment building.

Photo: YouTube frame / Toronto Police Service

Detectives with dogs carefully searched all the places where they could hide the girl's body. Detectives stuck their nose in every apartment, in every car, but all was in vain.

The search continues

The girl's parents broke up a few years before the incident, but the common tragedy brought them together again. Together, Art and Janette developed a violent activity, trying to find Nicole on their own.

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Hundreds of posters appeared on the streets of Toronto, the girl’s hometown. Dozens of private detectives were sent on the hunt for the missing baby. The money for all these events was provided by volunteers.

Childhood friend

Year after year, but Nicole did not declare everything. Former friends of the girl who had time to grow up and enter the adult world joined the investigation.

"Aged" composite: this is how Nicole could look at 21 years old. Photo: YouTube frame / Toronto Police Service

So, in 2010, Melissa, Maureen’s classmate, said in an interview: “As a child, Nicole and I had a lot of fun together. I will do everything to find her! ”

After years…

The father and mother of the girl eventually separated again. Jeanette moved into another world in 2007, without knowing what happened to her daughter. But Art is still trying to get on the trail of Nicole.

And here she is “about” 35. Photo: frame YouTube / Toronto Police Service

The man firmly believes: his girl is still alive, but just can not give the news of his whereabouts. The police, by the way, agree with him. According to one of the most popular versions, the girl was kidnapped, and because of the stress she suffered, she lost her memory.

Mysterious witness

Many witnesses claim: on the day Nicole disappeared in the lobby of the complex, they saw a mysterious blonde. A woman that no one knew, was immersed in reading and did not particularly pay attention to others.

Photos: YouTube / Criminally Listed frame

The investigation seems very suspicious that, despite the general publicity, the mysterious blonde for all these years did not go to the police with her testimonies.

Sad version

Some people think that the child was sent to another world, and the body was sorted out before the police took over.

In addition, there is a version stating that Nicole herself left home, seriously worrying about the divorce of parents. In her favor reads a note found in the child’s room. A couple of months before the incident, the crumb wrote: "I will soon disappear" ...

Many law enforcement officers have long been discouraged and do not think Maureen will ever be found. But Art stubbornly believes: in his lifetime, he will still meet with his daughter!

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