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79-year-old Vitorgan became a father: how much the couple cost the birth of the youngest daughter


Source: TVNZ

This time, 57-year-old Irina Mlodik did not risk carrying a child. It is still questionable whether she actually bore and gave birth to Ethel, the couple's first daughter - then the family convinced the press that Mlodik became a mother on her own.


Over the past year and a half, the People's Artist of Russia and his wife have become parents twice. Daughter Ethel, who was born on February 26 last year, is the first long-awaited child for 56-year-old Irina. And yesterday, the happy Emmanuel Gedeonovich announced the birth of her sister - baby Clara, named after his mother, writes TVNZ.

The spouses began to prepare for the pleasant chores in advance. Recently, the nanny Ethel, who was taking care of the girl from birth, changed her place of residence, and, accordingly, work. A month ago, Irina Mlodik urgently threw a cry - we are looking for a new assistant, or rather, two at once. For the newborn Clara, the Vitorganes took a nanny with living in their house, for a one and a half year old Ethel - the one who came.

As confirmed by “KP” friends of the family, the couple Vitorganov resorted to the help of a surrogate mother. And this seems to be true: in all the photos on Instagram of Emanuel Gedeonovich, his wife shows a figure without any signs of pregnancy.

“The fee for a surrogate mother is on average 950 thousand rubles ($ 14250),” Vladislav Melnikov, director of the European Center for Surrogacy, told - Plus the cost of healthy food, 20 thousand per month, total - 180. And besides, medical procedures will cost from 120 to 250 thousand ($ 1800- $ 3750). Thus, together with paid childbirth, the amount will result in 1,5-2 million rubles ($ 22- $ 500).

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All requirements for women bearing someone else’s child are prescribed in the order of the Ministry of Health. Age 25 - 35 years, good tests and health indicators. Appearance, character or level of education do not matter, since nothing is transferred from the surrogate mother to the child genetically. By the way, about half of the future parents do not even get acquainted with surrogate mothers. It is possible that the spouses Vitorgan did the same.


Last year, when Ethel was born, Irina Mlodik claimed to have carried her herself. Skeptics were whispering then, they say, nonsense and nonsense - a woman in 56 years cannot give birth to her first child. Indeed, the age for pregnancy is extreme ...

“This is absolutely real,” Avtandil Chogovadze, head of the Reprobank reproductive cell bank, stunned us. - Of course, getting pregnant naturally in this case is unlikely to work. There have been similar cases - in India, Pakistan, but this is a unique phenomenon, at the level of the Guinness Book of Records. By the age of 45-50, when women enter menopause, there are no longer any “working” eggs left in the body that could be fertilized. This means that in order to get pregnant, a woman uses either her own frozen eggs or donor eggs.

According to the expert, according to new technologies that have been used in Russia since 2008, such material can be stored indefinitely (there used to be a large percentage of “defects” when the eggs were thawed after a few years). By the way, in men the age of fertility is not limited - you can become a father in 90 years, there is no need to freeze spermatozoa.

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- In any case, no matter who is carrying a child - an age-old mother or a surrogate, we are talking about IVF, - Avtandil Chogovadze continues. - This procedure costs about 180 thousand rubles ($ 2700): this includes medical examination, hormonal drugs, reagents for freezing, and so on. Then the mother is implanted with a 5-6 day old embryo, which should take root. At 56 years old, a woman of good health can successfully withstand all 9 months of pregnancy, but the attention from doctors to such a patient will be increased.

Nevertheless, many fans of the couple are sure that Irina was not pregnant even once - both a few months and a few days before the birth of her first daughter, Ethel, on Vitorgan's instagram in Mlodik's photos, no signs of an approaching replenishment in the family were noticed.

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