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75-year-old Maxim Dunaevsky divorces his seventh wife for a new love


Source: StarHit

Maxim Dunaevsky confirmed rumors of changes in his personal life, writes "StarHit". The composer really broke up with his seventh wife, Marina Rozhdestvenskaya. Now at events he is accompanied by a completely different woman.

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January 15, Maxim Dunaevsky celebrated his 75th birthday. He approached this important life line in the status of an accomplished and recognized musician, who, moreover, was always in demand among the opposite sex. The author of the Soviet hits went to the registry office seven times, but all his marriages invariably ended in divorces.

Until recently, it seemed that the last wife of the composer Marina Rozhdestvenskaya still managed to pacify him. The lovers were together for 20 years, but in March 2019, Maxim Isaakovich was released with a new companion. As it turned out, the seventh marriage of the star has long been cracking at the seams.

“Our life together is over. It is impossible to continue what cannot be cheered up. I don’t want to live in a state of lethargy either to me or to her. We have been together for 20 years. This is an impossible figure for me. I am really sorry that it happened, ”explained Maxim Isaakovich.

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According to Dunaevsky, he will divide the property so that Marina does not need anything until the end of her life. The decision on divorce was made a long time ago: Rozhdestvenskaya tried to save the relationship, but the artist understood that she no longer felt sincere feelings for the ex-darling.

“There are things that make this life impossible. Marina disagrees with me, but I see it. Of course, Marina is very upset, ”the composer shared his thoughts on the air of the program“ The Fate of Man ”.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Russia 1

The name of the new darling Dunaevsky decided not to hide. As it turned out, his lover's name is Alla, the couple has been together for about three years.

“In my 75 years I would never have decided to divorce if I had not been sure of it. Of course, many draw parallels with my new relationship. Do I really look like a dude who, in her years, can get divorced due to falling in love with a woman who is not at all young? Rather, it is a consequence of what happened in my family, ”the composer emphasized.

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Maxim Isaakovich calls his current companion a close friend and partner. The composer answered directly to the question of the host Boris Korchevnikov about the wedding. “Do you want to hear yes from me? What will I make her an offer? Well, I’ll answer: yes, ”the musician said.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Russia 1

Dunaevsky hopes that he will be able to maintain friendly relations with Marina. So, with one ex-wife, actress Natalya Andreichenko, the composer still communicates well. Ex-lovers remained friends for the common son of Dmitry.

In the final of the program, the musician noted that he was never shy of his love of love, considering it a kind of cost to the profession. All the wives of Maxim Isaakovich were his muses, without inspiration and support of which he simply could not create.

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