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7 clever ways to make your clothes fit better 


Source: Rambler

Each of us came across a similar one: we choose clothes on the shop window, fall in love with her, but our heart breaks when she looks at us differently than we want. We tell how to make clothes sit better than they really are.

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Sloing is your best friend

In case you don't like the outerwear, you can always add another “layer”, writes Rambler... For example, throw a stole over a sweater or blouse, add a few accessories. It works in a different direction too: you can try adding a “bottom layer” - if the dress doesn't fit well, maybe the T-shirt underneath will change everything. It will be invisible, and the dress can fit better.

Use belts

Any belt can change the look of adjacent clothing. Do not think that belts are used only for pants. Stylists claim that belts are a great accessory for dresses or even sweaters. The belt can be your best friend when it comes to looking good and beautiful.

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Dress up shirt

It is enough to fill the shirt to get a neater look. This is an excellent option if you do not have a belt on hand, and the fit of your pants allows you to do this. You should not also assume that you can only t-shirts or shirts. This can be done even with sweaters.

Measure clothes before buying

You will be surprised, but some people decide to skip the fitting step and carry the clothes from the window directly to the checkout. Regardless of the queue at the fitting rooms, it's best not to skip the fitting. This is the only way you can be sure that this thing really suits you. Don't rely on the phrase “I've always had an S”. If you have not fit into it, this does not mean that you have recovered. Not all brands have the same size range.

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Go to the tailor

Clothing looks much more expensive if it sits on you correctly. And although it seems that altering new clothes and going to the tailor is a frightening thing, it is an ideal option to make clothes on the figure. Each of us has a different body shape and therefore it is important to have a good tailor in mind.

Long pants and heels

Wearing shoes with heels along with pants will help create the illusion of a perfect fit. This will add extra centimeters to your height, so you can even walk in pants that are large in length. Using heels is an excellent option if you do not have time to hem length.

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Children's department

If you are short, you might say you are lucky. You can buy clothes in the children's department. To date, you can find here a really huge amount of fashionable and unique things that are rarely found in the section for adults. In addition, since you will not waste time trying to fit the clothes to size - it will already sit on you correctly. Also, prices for clothes in the children's section are often significantly lower, which is another plus. Go


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