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7 of things that do not belong in kitchen cabinets, but they are still kept there


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Sometimes, in order to understand what should be stored in kitchen cabinets, one should begin by looking for the answer to the question of what should not be stored in them. Fortunately, you do not have to look for answers - we did it for you.

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DELFI Home & Garden presented a selection of seven things that are too heavy or large, too often used, or too strange to be locked in the kitchen cupboard.

1. Trays

Unless you regularly serve meals to 20 people, you have one tray, a maximum of two. With such a number of them, place the tray in the cabinet - take up quite a lot of space in vain. And if he stands under something, then when he is finally needed, you will still have to mess with his release from captivity. The best place for a tray is somewhere in the corner of the kitchen or in a place where only the tray can crawl through. For example, on the refrigerator, which stands right under the wall cupboards.

2. Tablecloths and other napkins

The kitchen is for food, not for textiles. Tablecloths are best kept together with other fabrics, then they are not soaked with unnecessary smells and do not get dirty when someone inadvertently grabs them with dirty hands. And if you have decided to keep them in the kitchen, find the highest shelf for them - where, in order to get them, you need to resort to the help of high households or stand on a stool.

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3. Home appliances that you do not use

- Petka, devices!
- 200, Vasily Ivanovich!
- What is “200”?
- And what are the “devices”?

If this ancient anecdote comes to your mind when you suddenly find a unit in your kitchen closet that you have forgotten about its existence, and you are only vaguely aware of the purpose - it's time to sell it or donate to someone. Exception: “devices” that you still use, but very rarely (like an ice cream machine that collects dust in winter). But even they should not be stored in the kitchen in the closet, but somewhere else with other electronics.

4. Food

Food should be stored either in the refrigerator, or in the buffet - this is probably your grandmother told you. To keep food in the closet is practically the same thing as invoking insects, flies, mold and other vermin into the house. The only exceptions are cereals, sugar, coffee, tea, etc.

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5. Appliances that you use often

Just move it to where it is convenient to use. These 30 seconds that you need every day to get a “device”, clear a place for it and plug it into an outlet, turn into 130 minutes in a year, that is, in two hours. And this is on condition that you spend 30 seconds both on how to prepare the thing for work, and on putting it into place after use. And if you mess around longer ... a terrible waste of time!

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6. Different holiday decor

If you are not arranging holidays on a daily basis or at least weekly, all decorations should be kept outside the kitchen cabinet. For example, in the pantry.


7. Dishes and items for serving on the street

This advice applies only to homeowners (although if you have a giant balcony and a habit of dining there ...) - do not keep the dishes in the kitchen that you keep for rare lunches or dinners outside. She has the place in the closet (you definitely have it), because you rarely take it out and still wipe at least every time, if you don’t wash it all, right? Here you go.

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