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Seven Things You Shouldn't Lend Even Your Best Friend


Source: Rambler

If you suddenly began to notice that everything in your life went awry, do not rush to blame others. It is better to remember whether you did not share your things with someone. After all, according to signs and superstitions, transferring something to others, we thereby give away a part of our energy and become a magnet for unhappiness.

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We have compiled a list of what you should not lend to other people, if you, of course, want to preserve your good luck and well-being, writes Rambler.


Now it is not such a common practice as before, when noisy feasts were held and all family holidays were celebrated exclusively at home. Then, no one was surprised at the request of neighbors to borrow extra spoons, forks, mugs, wine glasses or plates, because the guests often came so much that the owners simply did not have enough dishes for everyone. Nowadays, this is almost not practiced, but suddenly people who live with you in the same staircase had a housewarming party and didn’t have enough dishes, do not rush to help them. Experts remind that dishes preserve the energy of the house, so if you borrow it, you can unhappiness on your own head, starting from health problems and ending with quarrels, clashes and breaking up with your spouse. Therefore, it is better to keep all your cups, plates and spoons with you and not to pass into the hands of your neighbors.


“But how did our mothers and grandmothers earlier lend salt to their neighbors?” You ask. Yes, they were lending, but remember, was everything really so joyful in their lives after that? Experts say that salt crystals absorb your energy and have an energy memory, so you practically give your energy and vitality to another person. And it is not surprising if after that you will feel overwhelmed and tired, as if you have unloaded several cars with coal. If you so want to help a person who has (anything happens) and the truth has abruptly ended the salt, then by no means pass it from hand to hand, but rather put it on a table, chest of drawers or nightstand from where it will be taken. And, if you believe superstition, you need to ask for a nominal fee, so calmly.

Bakery products

“Bread is the head of everything!” - knowingly, our ancestors followed this rule and were very careful with bakery products. Of course, sharing with him is possible, but only if you do it right. For example, if you suddenly have the last conditionally crust of bread (or half), then in no case give it away. Otherwise it can lead to poverty and you yourself will find yourself in the role of a beggar. Another thing, if you have several loaves of bread and you do not mind giving one or cutting off, say, a part. But it should be remembered that it is impossible to pass bread over the threshold, otherwise, along with it, “give up” family well-being and happiness. And another rule: you should not share bread after sunset, otherwise you will be haunted by failure and disappointment.

Jewelery and bijouterie

It would seem that such, if you lend your friend a ring, necklace or even earrings? Or, on the contrary, for your date, choose something from her jewelry collection? But not everything is so simple. Experts say that stones and metals are “attached” to one person and do not like frequent changes. In addition, you never know what kind of energy a person possesses, who wore this piece of jewelry before you, suddenly it will attract to you the failures of another and you will have to face many problems. For the same reason, experts recommend not to try on family jewelery right away. If you have a grandmother, for example, handed over a box with old jewelery, then let them get used to you first and then they can be worn. There are many cases in history when family jewels brought misfortune to their new owners, right up to the complete ruin or breakup of a family.

Clothing and footwear

Even if you changed clothes (or shoes) with a girlfriend or sister before and did not see anything wrong with this, this does not mean that you did the right thing. And the point here is not at all in the observance of the elementary rules of hygiene, but in the fact that any thing that you put on even irregularly saves your energy. And when you give clothes to other people, you seem to give a piece of yourself and your luck. Therefore, another person may suddenly improve things drastically, and you, on the contrary, will deteriorate. You can only transfer items if you have not worn them for a long time and are ready to donate or decide to sell them in order to make room in the wardrobe. In this case, according to experts, the energy connection is broken and unnecessary things find new owners, and you keep peace and harmony in your home.

Soaps and bath accessories

Soap, as well as towels, washcloths, cosmetics, deodorant, manicure sets and other bath accessories, should also not be loaned to other people. This is primarily due to hygiene issues. Experts remind that a large number of bacteria accumulate on the surface of these things, so if you lend them to others, then other people's microbes enter your body. Do you need it?

Broom and brush (for cleaning)

Even our ancestors attributed almost magical properties to the same broom and believed that with its help you can both get rid of negative energy in the house and bring trouble to the whole family. For example, according to signs, you can’t keep two brooms in the house, otherwise you can attract financial problems and other troubles. It is also not recommended to allow other people to sweep the floors in your home, otherwise you can scare away luck, and luck will leave your house for a long time. But if a neighbor, say, looked at you with a request to urgently borrow a cleaning brush or the same broom, then either give her a permanent gift or politely refuse. Otherwise, if you borrow this item with a return, you can inadvertently “take out” money from the house and fall into a debt hole.

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