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7 household chemicals that you absolutely can not breathe


Source: SOK Media

Human poisoning occurs primarily through the skin and respiratory tract. When we do the cleaning, it seems that there is nothing to poison. But we are exposing ourselves to immense danger because we use tools to clean the work surface, bath or tile. Some of them do not harm the human body, others - contain poisonous substances.

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1. Polishing

Means for cleaning metal contains distillates, writes SOK Media. Short-term exposure may lead to irritation of the mucous membranes, the mouth and the occurrence of cough. Long-term exposure disrupts the nervous system, causing nausea and spasms. Furniture polish contains nitrobenzene, which causes shortness of breath and vomiting. Exposure can cause cancer.

2. Bleach

Chlorine-containing preparations contain sodium hypochlorite. During its contact with alcohol, poisonous chloramine gas is released. Even a short-term effect on the person causes asthma and suffocation.

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3. Carpet Cleaner

The composition of these funds are components perchlorethylene or trichloroethane. Getting into the human blood through the respiratory tract, they lead to the disruption of the functioning of the kidneys and liver. These substances are carcinogens, their prolonged exposure may lead to the occurrence of cancer.

4. Detergents for plumbing

Detergents and cleaners for plumbing include hydrochloric acid or sodium sulphate. Contact with them can cause chemical burns of the respiratory tract and organs. Diarrhea and vomiting may also occur.

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5. Fabric softeners

Substances that give a pleasant fragrance to washed laundry can cause allergies and asthma attacks.

6. Moth remedies

Naphthalene is a carcinogen, besides adversely affecting the human nervous system. Paradichlorobenzene disrupts the internal organs.

7. Window cleaning fluids

Windshield fluids may contain methanol. This is methyl alcohol, which when evaporated enters the respiratory tract and can be the cause of death. The production of such liquids is not allowed, but methanol is much cheaper than non-toxic analogues, and therefore unscrupulous manufacturers put them on sale. The concentration of methanol in the air is 1,0 mg / m3

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