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7 dreams that dream of cheating on a husband


Source: Lisa

If you dreamed something from the list below, be careful: analyze your condition and talk openly with your husband about your own anxiety.

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Kiss for an adult

Kiss in a dream, as a rule, means betrayal, therefore, with a high degree of probability - treason, writes Lisa. True, I mean not the usual smacking of the cheek, but a kiss “like an adult”. If in a dream you see how your man kisses another woman, then he has already thought about adultery. A potential traitor will be the one who touches you with his lips in a dream: if you dream, as you kiss your husband, then you should think about his loyalty.


For a married woman to see a rooster in a dream is not good. As a rule, this dream suggests that your husband has secrets from you and, most likely, this “secret” is recorded in the phone book under a male name. If you dream that a rooster is crying in a dream, it also promises a possible betrayal, but from your side - a rooster cock symbolizes that you will betray your husband out of pure curiosity and will be very sorry for that.


In the event that in a dream you clearly see how your spouse drinks wine - this also symbolizes adultery. But don't rush to throw a scandal to your husband in the morning, because wine in a dream means that you are simply trying to seduce your husband. Some unscrupulous and unprincipled girl tries to prove his own importance and bewitch - be careful!

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In real life, wasps bring few positive emotions, and in a dream - a similar situation. Such a dream almost always carries a negative overtones, and most dream writers agree that the wasp often symbolizes a rival. In addition, it may mean that someone decided to spread gossip behind your back. If in a dream you or your husband fight off a wasp, this is a good sign, but if a wasp stung your man, things are bad - you yourself know what we are talking about.


“Junior lieutenant, young boy” - was sung in a famous song, and we remembered her for nothing. The interpretation of sleep depends on what military rank you dreamed of. A naval officer on the ship promises you a frivolous flirtation that will cause you to break your serious relationship; junior or middle-ranking officer - your man will be very jealous of you; the young officer warns you against love afflictions.

Dirty laundry

Dirty stained linen in a dream clearly does not bode well. The bed sheet is stained or even a dirty handkerchief promises to give you connections that you will be ashamed of in the future, and also talk about your possible betrayal. In addition, dirty laundry in a dream means that you will be involved in unpleasant history and internal family strife. If you dream of a familiar woman in your underwear, this is a very bad sign, symbolizing adultery.

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The appearance of a snake in your dream suggests that in real life you will have an enemy, and your relationship depends on whether the snake in your dream is poisonous or not. If the reptile turned out to be poisonous, you are unlikely to succeed in defeating a real adversary; if on the contrary - you will easily become a winner. A snake bite can mean betrayal of a loved one, including a husband whose tricks you do not guess. A snake ball means that there are a lot of rivals and enviers around you.

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