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7 Russian celebrities who grew up in poverty


Source: Lisa

Not all famous people were born in rich families. Some had to overcome difficult childhood and poverty and independently climb the social ladder to the level of stars.

Vera Brezhneva

Singer Vera Brezhnev (or Galushka - a real celebrity surname) was born in the Ukrainian outback and didn’t even suspect that she could ever become a universal favorite, says Lisa. When she was 11, her father had an accident and became disabled, and her mother began to disappear at work. The girl even had to skip school to earn money and at least somehow help her mother. It is known that due to lack of money, Vera was not even able to get on her graduation party, and after the official part was over she went home.

Nastasya Samburskaya

The leading actress in the TV series “Univer” grew up in a small provincial town of Priozersk. Her father was in prison when the girl was five years old. Mother began to drink and almost did not care for her daughter. Despite the fact that today the star of Instagram does not like to remember about her childhood, it is known that once in winter she didn’t even have winter shoes, and the girl went in sandals.

Svetlana Hodchenkova

Actress Svetlana Khodchenkova admits that her family lived very poorly. Mom worked three jobs, and the girl had to go to the 13 years to wash the porches to help the family. In order to somehow raise her self-esteem, she submitted an application to the model school of Slava Zaitsev and successfully passed the casting. She spent her first salary on installing a home phone.

Victoria Bonya

TV presenter Victoria Bony is called the "Cinderella from the Chita backwoods". The girl's father left her mother when Vika was two years old. Then the family had to move to Moscow and huddle in small rooms with cockroaches. The ex-participant of the project “House-2” herself said that she and her mother and sister had only one pair of shoes for three, and had to take to the streets in turns.

Natalya Vodyanova

The father of another Cinderella from our list left the family when Natasha was quite small. Her mother married again and had two more children, one of whom has cerebral palsy. The girl did her best to help her relatives and earn money. She was only seven when she began to lead an adult life and take care of younger sisters, and a little later - to work with her mother as a fruit and vegetable seller in the market.

Kristina Asmus

Actress Christina Asmus grew up in a communal apartment in a large family. She had to wear clothes for her older sisters, but she never ceased to dream of fame. Kristina tried to enter the actor's, but failed the exams, and only a year later she was able to fulfill her dream. She herself recalls childhood: “There were different moments, of course. And in a communal apartment two for two lived together, and the hungry sat. ”

Sati Casanova

Singer Sati Kazanova (real name Sataney) grew up in a small village in Kabardino-Balkaria. When Sati was 12, she dreamed of a carefree childhood and walking with friends. But instead, she had to manage the household while her parents were at work and look after her three younger sisters. When Father Casanova went bankrupt, they had to sell all the property and move to Nalchik, sharing a few square meters of a rented apartment, along with cockroaches who had resorted from their neighbors.


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