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Seven Signs You're Growing Old


A source: Lisa

I can imagine how some, after reading this, will purse their lips and say: “Some kind of nonsense! You pass off rational behavior as old age. Yes, at the age of 17 I still kept a strict record of money, went to bed on time, never liked tight clothes and did not abuse anything at all. Maybe, but that doesn't mean we're wrong. You were just born old.

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You think that you look good and dress stylishly, besides, your friends do not skimp on compliments, writes Lisa. You remember the date of your birth, and your age does not upset you: “Is this the age in our time!” But time takes its toll, and it is impossible to postpone old age with stylish outfits. I bet you've already begun to turn into an old woman? Test yourself.

1. High life two nights in a row - it's too hard for you

If today you go to the cinema for an evening session or meet a friend, tomorrow you will trudge from work with only one thought - it would be faster to go to a cozy sofa under a blanket and relax, and you still need to go to bed early. Your tactics seem to be the only correct one for you, because everyone knows that falling asleep until 23 p.m. is the best friend of beauty. But it's all excuses, dear. You won’t go to bed on time, you’ll watch the series until late, you won’t get enough sleep, you’ll go to work without makeup.

2. You suddenly fell in love with tunics

They seem to you the best option: to a feast, and to the world, and from a ship to a ball - they are comfortable everywhere. And you once heard somewhere that it is fashionable. But when and where? It must have been a long time ago. Or not at all. You came up with it yourself to hide an unsightly fact: tunics perfectly hide your swollen waist, which you are too lazy to bring into shape.

3. You stopped loving high heels

On the mezzanine are several boxes of new high-heeled shoes bought on sale (and where else! You buy everything on sale now, even tights and socks). Sometimes you take them out and try them on. You walk around the room in heels, stand in front of a mirror, and that's enough. And now the boxes are put away, and you put on your favorite jeans, ballet flats, tunic and go to the store for a chocolate bar.

4. You deleted the mobile calorie counting apps.

As well as bookmarks from popular diet sites. Suddenly the realization came that all this is a divorce and a waste of time. Brazen businessmen parasitize on poor girls with a penchant for anorexia, but you will not allow yourself to be deceived. What is the deception - you do not really understand, but there is such a feeling. And in general, deception has now become more. It didn't happen before!

5. You lost the ability to spend the last money on a smart new thing.

Remember when shopping used to be every week? And more than once! Do you remember? You're walking through the mall and all of a sudden - thunder and lightning! - you see her ... A blouse, a skirt, a handbag - it doesn't matter, the main thing is that this thing was created for you! You need her, in her (or with her) you will be beautiful, oncoming men will admire you, women will die of envy, and Vovka will invite you to the club ... Those were the times! Now they don't do things like that. Or you just don’t notice them, because you know that you won’t buy anyway: you need money to pay utility bills, eye drops and in general. For a rainy day.

6. You have not seen your classmates and classmates for a long time

You don't even want to meet them. Here's another! They will ask how much you get, what kind of car you have, and most importantly, evaluate how old you are. Who are they to judge this?! You have several carefully selected photos on social networks - let them admire you there.

7. Young girls stop annoying you

If you thought that modern youth annoys old aunts, then you were wrong. While we are young, we are often enraged by the same as us, the same age - this is the spirit of competition. And now he's gone somewhere. Yes, those whistleblowers in your department are full of ambition, but you don't care. You have forgiven them for everything. You understand that they are stupid and they have no life experience. You are ready to pass it on to them, so you begin to slowly patronize them. Even if they are only five years younger than you, you talk to them in a condescending tone.

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