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7 signs of a dirty house that a lazy mistress does not notice


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Probably, this happened to many. You come to visit: stylish furniture, expensive curtains, floors sparkle, plumbing - everything is tattered to shine, but there is no feeling of cleanliness in the house. Why? The owners of the house are so accustomed to a small mess that some things are simply not paid attention to. But to the prying eye they are very noticeable, writes Femmie.

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Here are 7 unobvious signs of a dirty house, even after a general cleaning. By the way, eliminating them is a matter of minutes.

Stains on mirrors

Putting order in the house, you need to pay special attention to the mirrors. Moreover, it is advisable not only to remove dust and dirt from them, but also bring to a mirror shine so that there are no stains on the surface.

By the way, the main reason for stains on the mirror is improperly selected cleaning products (too poor quality or not at all for mirrors). Perhaps the cloth used to wipe the mirror is not soft enough or does not absorb moisture well.

By the way, you can make a mirror shine in just a couple of seconds. And even without “Mr. Muscle” and other special means. To do this, you need to wash it with water, in which a little vinegar is added, and then wipe it dry with crumpled old newspapers.

Withered indoor flowers

Living indoor plants not only decorate the house, but also (as Feng Shui experts say) improve the energy of the home. True, only if the owners do not forget to look after the flowers.

But if there are pots with semi-dried leaves on the windowsills, then the untidy appearance of the window will not be saved by washed glasses or beautiful curtains. Therefore, if there is no possibility (or desire) to take care of indoor plants, then the best option is not to breed them. Indeed, according to Feng Shui theory, wilted plants attract lack of money and disease into the house.

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Dust on bookshelves

When the house has only one or two bookshelves, to erase dust from them is a couple of trifles. But when the owners have a whole library - shaking books will take a lot of time and effort. It is not surprising that many housewives put off cleaning bookshelves for later. And very in vain. Firstly, bookcases covered with a thick layer of dust look very untidy. Secondly, book dust is one of the most powerful allergens.

The fastest way is to vacuum the bookshelves using a special nozzle. Then it remains only to wipe the roots of the books with a damp cloth.

Dirty tv screen

No matter how carefully the owners of the house treat the TV, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to avoid dust on the screen. First of all, because due to static electricity, the screen literally attracts its particles to itself. In addition, sooner or later, traces of insects, fingerprints and other spots will still appear on it.

To remove dust and dirt from the LCD screens you can not use wet sanitary napkins - they leave stains. Newspapers, hard rags, and paper towels are also not suitable — they can scratch the screen. It is best to buy special wipes that will easily remove dust and will not damage the screen.

Animal hair on upholstered furniture and carpets

Pets bring their owners not only unlimited joy, but also bring additional chores. This is especially true for furry pets - their hair settles everywhere: on the floor, on carpets, on upholstered furniture. For owners of cats and dogs, wool on chairs and sofas has become so familiar that they simply don’t notice it.

But getting rid of wool on furniture is not at all difficult. It is enough to put on hands ordinary latex gloves, soak them in water and move upholstery. The wool immediately sticks to the wet rubber and the sofa in a matter of seconds takes on a neat appearance.

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Hair on the floor

Scientists estimate that each person on average loses between 50 and 150 hairs per day - this is absolutely normal. Most of them fall out during combing and appear on the floor. And if the hair is not immediately removed, then they can easily spread their legs throughout the house.

By the way, a brush or comb thrown on the mirror, on which a whole tuft of hair has accumulated, can negate the most thorough cleaning.

Unpleasant smell in the refrigerator

It happens that the house is really impeccable order - there is simply nothing to complain about. And here the satisfied mistress, deciding to surprise the guests with something tasty, opens the door of the refrigerator. And from there ... phew! A terrible smell spreads throughout the house.

The reasons may be different. For example, sour milk in an unopened bag, a sandwich forgotten a week ago ... In addition, even the freshest dishes and products that are not covered with lids are able to produce a not so pleasant aroma - a salad with garlic, pickles and more.

In order not to blush in front of the guests, the hostess often needs to arrange an audit in the refrigerator and get rid of stale products on time. And also make a habit of putting food in the refrigerator only in sealed containers or wrapping it in cling film.

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