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7 rules that must not be violated if your clothing size is greater than S


Source: "I buy" on Yandex.Zen

Author of the channel "I buy" on "Yandex.Zen" shares tricks to help every woman look perfect and sophisticated. And it doesn’t matter which letter is on the clothing label.

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To feel happy, sometimes it’s enough to adjust the style. You can look irresistible without much effort.

Rule number 1: do not wear baggy clothes

Sizes larger than S have a particular advantage: seductive neckline and waist lines can be demonstrated. To do this, choose the styles of blouses with drapery, and wear dresses with a belt or belt, as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle do. Do not hide yourself in baggy clothes - hoodies or wide trousers.

Rule number 2: choose jeans with a classic fit

Nothing spoils a mouth-watering figure like improperly selected jeans. It is better to avoid low-waist models and opt for a mid-size fit. It is also worth paying attention to the material from which the jeans are made: a small amount of elastane in the composition will visually make the legs slimmer.

Rule number 3: refuse microbags

A common stylistic mistake is a poor selection of accessories. A miniature bag in the hands of a girl with forms can look ridiculous, and too large - look like a bag. A win-win option is a tote, moderately capacious and strict bag.

Rule number 4: invest in outerwear

A laconic coat of noble material (for example, cashmere) perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the figure. Often women buy at a discount clothes that have not been bought up. Do not make such miscalculations: most likely, the thing will not sit on the figure.

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Rule number 5: try on every thing before buying

This rule will save your money, nerves and style. No need to blindly order clothes in online stores. Only the girl with the smallest size does not fail (and then, if it is a simple T-shirt). You need to be conscious about shopping and ask the consultants in the store to help with the purchase (brands have different dimensional grids).

Rule number 6: forget about oversize

Often there is a temptation to wear something more voluminous, so that the thing looked freer. Unfortunately, designers and stylists agree that oversize is shown only to fragile young ladies (to add the desired volume). So, pullovers and tops that match in parameters will look much more elegant on girls with sizes M, L, XL.

Rule number 7: carefully choose underwear

This rule is important to observe regardless of the parameters of the figure, because an improperly selected bra can harm health. In addition to discomfort, translucent through clothes or crashing into the body underwear looks unaesthetic. Also, girls with mouth-watering shapes often fail lace lingerie, which is too noticeable (especially when it comes to materials such as silk or satin). The way out of the situation is a seamless set that will save the image and not visually ruin the figure. By the way, with large sizes, you can take stretching or corrective underwear so that your favorite things sit perfectly.

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