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Seven popular products that have changed beyond recognition in the United States


America is a country of immigrants. Many nations found refuge and a new home on its territory. Together with people, their favorite national dishes also came to the USA. Over time, the recipes have undergone changes: the original ingredients were replaced with new ones, more familiar to the American region, or completely new ones were added, saturating the familiar taste with fresh notes. As a result, some dishes have changed beyond recognition, and the prefix “American” has been added to the name of others, so that consumers do not confuse them with the original original dishes, Oleksandra Ukrainko writes for Zen.Yandex.

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So, the top 7 dishes that I did not recognize in the USA.

1. Pizza

The well-known traditional Italian dish gained wide popularity in the United States after American soldiers who tasted it returned home from Italy after World War II. Since then, this beloved snack on both continents has changed in the US in such a way that it is unrecognizable. American pizza has a very thick base and rich toppings, making it more like a thin pie.

The most famous type of pizza is with pepperoni. Outwardly, it resembles an Italian pizza with salami. However, pepperoni is not only faintly similar to salami, but in general to a meat product. But Americans love their thick pizza and are not afraid to experiment with toppings. Today one of the most popular local types of pizza - with sweet "pulled pork" and barbecue sauce.

2. Coffee

Only the lazy did not go through the taste of the "American" version of this drink, which is common throughout the world. Do you like to cheer up with a cup of bitter espresso in the morning? An American also cannot imagine a morning without coffee. A fashionable New Yorker pops into Starbucks in the morning before work in Manhattan, and rednecks in the backcountry drive pickup trucks to their favorite Dunkin' Donuts. But in the hands of both is a paper cup of unrealistic volumes closed with a plastic lid with a sweet and weak, usually beige liquid, often with the smell of caramel, vanilla or hazelnuts. If it's coffee, then it's certainly a different kind - "American". Well, in the summer the whole thing is also half diluted with ice!

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3. Bread

The American food industry has worked hard with bread and made it completely different from the product we are used to. The bread you find in a US supermarket comes in many forms: sliced ​​for toast, hot dog bars, and burger buns. But in terms of texture, it is all the same - “foam rubber”. If you press on it, you will not hear the crunch of the crust, and when you release your hand, it will return to its shape, like a sponge.

Bread in the States is very soft and stays that way after a month or two. Even when mold appears on it, it still remains soft. The softness of bread has always been an indicator of freshness: the softer, the fresher. But in America, thanks to additives and baking powder (the variety of which is already alarming), bread will always be soft, even when it has long been stale! For my taste, this bread is completely unusual and too sweet. At first I even like it, but literally after a week it gets boring and I want a normal, familiar, fresh, fragrant, crispy bread.

4. Boiled sausage, sausages

Do you like boiled sausage and sausages? Are you familiar with the doctoral taste since childhood, or do you enjoy the texture and aroma of cheese sausages? Coming to Europe, are you happy to try Italian boiled sausage or Bavarian pork sausages with sauerkraut? Enjoy your stay before you travel to the USA!

Perhaps somewhere you can find high-quality products for big money, but Bologna (analogue of cooked sausage) and Viners (hot dog sausages) sold in ordinary American supermarkets will resemble European counterparts only externally. It seems that there is no meat left in these products, and the undemanding American consumer has long been accustomed to what it is.

5. Pancakes

I’ll make a reservation right away that pancakes are perhaps the oldest cereal dish that was used back in prehistoric times. There are many shapes and varieties of pancakes. But American pancakes are not at all like ours. I don’t know about you, but I associate weekend mornings with thin fragrant mother’s pancakes, which can be eaten with herring or red caviar on holidays, even with condensed milk, sour cream or jam.

Americans also love pancakes, their moms also made pancakes on weekends. Only their pancakes are more like our pancakes - they are thick and small. Nothing is wrapped in them, but eaten with maple syrup.

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6. Pasta with cheese

Another famous Italian recipe, beloved by American kids. In the original recipe, a traditional bechamel sauce is made from flour, butter and cream, three types of cheese are added to it, and this sauce is filled with pasta.

But since childhood, Americans have been accustomed to a completely different taste - from a set of semi-finished products, in which - pasta and a bag of powder: cheese and cream. After diluting the bag with this mixture, you need to pour a little undercooked pasta and bake for another 5 minutes in the oven. It's easier than doing magic in the kitchen, and the result is always the same. Only an Italian hostess' jaw will drop at the sight of such a "cooking".

7. Whiskey

You have to know how to appreciate whiskey. The Soviet consumer, accustomed to Russian vodka, tasting whiskey, was very surprised: how can one enjoy a drink that smells incomprehensibly? Yes, and break for him such a price. Apparently unsophisticated in the organoleptic benefits of multi-year aging of single malts, the American consumer thought the same.

Therefore, the most popular "whiskey" in the United States is inexpensive Jack Daniels. A Scotsman or an Irishman will not turn his tongue to call IT the word "whiskey", and among Americans, a strong corn alcoholic drink with a caramel smell is very popular. Jack Americans usually mix with local cola and ice, and only the smell remains from the drink itself.

The above dishes surprised me in the States, appearing to taste completely different to what I was used to. Maybe for you it is not so, and you are happy to drink American coffee and Jack and Coke?

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