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7 features of US restaurants that perplex our


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The American restaurants of many tourists are perplexed. Natalya Topchy from New York in her channel on "Yandex Zen" tells what you need to be prepared in the American catering.

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First, the large portions in the USAThey obviously love to eat here. And besides the main dish, salad and fried potatoes are often on the plate. Moreover, the latter is served even for scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs for breakfast.

The second point follows from the first point - here no one is ashamed take home that did not finish... Recently, waiters have been increasingly asking after a meal if they need to pack food with them and, if necessary, put it in containers, which are sometimes called “doggy bag” (which literally translates as “doggy bag”). But it has nothing to do with our smaller brothers, although it was originally meant that the pet would eat the leftovers at home. But here you can get trapped. The same phrase is used for the bags in which the owners on the street collect the excrement of their animals.

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One must be prepared for what prices on the menu and in the check will differ. The reason for this is that they add tax to the total amount, which varies from state to state.

Another unpleasant moment - mandatory gratuities... Moreover, sometimes they are immediately included in the order amount in the check. Now in New York, their size fluctuates between 18% and 25% of the total. But if you decide to leave the waiter without his "reward", he or the administrator can come up and clarify what you were unhappy with. And if there are no complaints, he will strongly recommend changing his mind and leaving the required amount for tea. By the way, tips in the USA are paid not only to waiters, but also to taxi drivers, couriers, hairdressers, manicurists, etc. In general, to everyone who is somehow connected with the service sector.

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But the check can be paid immediately several bank cards, without warning the waiter in advance, but notifying him of his desire after submitting the check. And I have never encountered the fact that somewhere they refused to do it. The main thing is to carefully check the information in the checks: tips in each are often calculated from the total amount.

Also in American restaurants you can free drink water... When ordering, you will be asked about drinks. And if you ask for "tap water", they will bring you free tap water. In many states, tap water is considered safe to drink. So it doesn't bother anyone. Most importantly, remember that it will most likely be pretty “seasoned” with ice, especially during the hotter months.

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Often in an American cafe pour coffee for free unlimited number of times. Only one serving will appear on the check. Although the taste of this drink leaves much to be desired, it does not bother the residents of the United States. And they are always sincerely surprised when they are faced with the fact that they have to pay separately for each portion.

Interestingly, what surprised you the most from this list? What would you like to add?

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