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7 things dangerous for a child that most parents use


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Do you dream to make your baby’s childhood happy? Do not buy everything. Some things can only harm your child, writes "Liza".

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1. Walkers

Many mothers buy this thing in the hope that the child will learn to walk faster and stop constantly sitting in her arms. But orthopedists oppose this invention.

Firstly, the longer the baby crawls, the more correctly the spine is formed. And secondly, walkers do not help children learn to keep balance. They are traumatic: the child may tip over with the walker if it encounters a threshold or step.

2. Baby cots with the falling side

Such cots are one of the most common things in children's stores. But you can’t buy them. An adult child may accidentally lower the sash and fall to the floor, hitting his head. Or the sash may accidentally slip and pinch the baby.

Yes, we agree, such a thing is really convenient. But in this case, security must be put above your own comfort. Try looking at the round cots in which the newborn feels like in the womb. Or to add-on models, which greatly facilitate the life of a young mother and help to sleep more at night.

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3. Sides in the crib

Almost all Instagram is littered with pictures with similar sides. And every fashionable mom has such a thing. But the statistics is inexorable: the parents of infants who died from sudden infant death syndrome in most cases used decorative pillows, put blankets and soft toys in the crib. So, if you do not want to risk the life of your baby, just do not buy this untwisted goods.

4. Sleep positioner

Not all sleep restrictors are harmful. Most of them were created just so that the child does not roll over on his stomach and suffocate. But some bulky models can still be dangerous.

There is a possibility that the baby will bury its nose in a similar positioner and die from a lack of air. Therefore, always buy only certified goods, preferably European-made.

5. Canopy

Another thing that is customary to buy for the birth of a baby. But canopies are rarely made from natural materials. Dust accumulates in them, which can cause allergies. And they prevent air from entering. In addition, the child can grab the edge of the fabric and suffocate, entangled in it. Therefore, think carefully before hanging this item of decor in the nursery.

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6. Kangaroo backpack

Not all parents know that there is a big difference between an ergo backpack and a kangaroo backpack. In the latter version, the baby’s posture is not physiological and may interfere with the normal development of his musculoskeletal system.

If you choose a baby carrier, pay attention to the fact that the legs and butt, when properly positioned, should visually resemble the letter “M”. Only in this case can the baby be worn in such a device without fear (only facing itself) and for a long time (of course, intermittently).

7. Bathing seat

There is nothing harmful in this subject, if we talk about the impact on the development of the baby. But he creates an extra sense of security in mom, which can lead to disastrous consequences.

Mom thinks that the newborn is fixed, and ceases to constantly support him. At the same time, the baby can slip at any moment and get injured. So try to always be careful and keep an eye on your child, especially in the bathroom.

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