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Seven English words that Russian speakers misunderstand


Source: English Bird on Yandex.Zen

There are such foreign words that are called false friends of the translator, says the author of the channel. English Bird on Yandex.Zen... In writing and / or sounding, they very much resemble our relatives, so intuitively we translate them with words that they resemble.

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Note that many of these words mean far from what a Russian-speaking person might think. In this article, we'll look at 7 of the most common ones.

Accurate - accurate (not neat)

I know a lot of people thought it was "neat." But no. Neat - tidy.

We trust that your report will be accurate and comprehensive. “We hope your report will be accurate and comprehensive.

Artist - an artist (not an artist)

The artist tenderly catches and reflects the beauty of the outside world. - The artist sensitively captures and conveys the beauty of the surrounding world.

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Actual - adj. real, actual (but not actual)

The actual adjustment would take place only after 1 January 2010. - Actual recalculation will be carried out only after January 1, 2010.

Brilliant - adj. excellent, excellent, magnificent (not a diamond)

I think her plan is brilliant. “I think her plan is excellent.

Intelligent - adj. smart (not intellectual)

She was intelligent as well as beautiful... “She was as smart as she was beautiful.

Magazine - magazine (not a store)

They wrote in Forbes magazine that you grasp everything instantly... - In Forbes magazine they wrote that you grasp everything on the fly.

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Gym (nasium) - gym (not gymnasium)

They were jammed into the school's gymnasium and classrooms. “They were herded into the school gym and classrooms.

By the way, the English word fart has nothing to do with luck. I hope you already know this.

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